April 24, 2004

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Notre Dame Head Coach Tyrone Willingham Quotes

On the game today:
“I can honestly say that today was not my day. My biggest concern today was the health of our players. I would wince each time there was a hit or someone went down and my only hope was that they would get up and we would be healthy at the end of the day. I like that we did some things offensively and I like that we did some things defensively. But my biggest concern was the health of our football team. That is more important than anything.”

“I think our biggest improvement applies to the whole group on the offense. I can tell that what we are doing is better than in the past in terms of confidence that we can run faster and do all the things that we need to do better.”

“There was good pressure today. On some hits I just needed to wince and hope that it would be okay, but it’s good to have that. Brady will probably have guys in his face in game situations. I hope not, but he needs to know how to handle that.”

On the performance of Quarterback Brady Quinn:
“I think that he played very consistent today. He put the ball in our hands. When he had to hold it he did that and he made good plays under pressure. I was very pleased with what he did.”

On the performance of Fullback Rashon Powers-Neal:
“Rashon is one of those guys who will say to you, ‘Coach I’m going to change your mind.’ This is in reference to the fact that I have him at fullback and he is saying ‘Coach, give me more balls.’ And I was pleased with that. He had one of our longest runs this spring-97 yards if I’m correct.”

Notre Dame Player Quotes

Sr. FB Rashon Powers-Neal

On playing different positions…
“I’m going to play hard wherever I play at. If a situation comes up where I’m needed at tailback, I’ll go out and try to make plays.”

On his improvement during the off-season…
“I worked on blocking and catching the ball. I also worked really hard on increasing my speed, especially with the weight I’ve gained.”

So. DB Tom Zbikowski

On his development…
“Sitting out last year and learning to play a new position was really a struggle. I’ve been working hard on my technique, and today it really payed off.”

On the potential position battles in the defensive backfield…
“We’re a really close team, and we want each other to do well. What makes a team good is competition.”

So. WR Jeff Samardzija

On quarterback Brady Quinn…
“Brady has shown so much growth as a quarterback, and he is learning the progression through the offense very well. Everything seems to be going well for him, and he knows that he can only get better.”