This could be anything. Maybe supporting TJ Matthieson’s initial idea of creating some sort of map of where every alum is from, or creating a list of alum that people can search. We could also insert a searchable table here. It would be easy to use an excel spreadsheet format of alum to plug into a table like the one below. Alum could search by any/multiple keywords (ex. state, industry, sport, etc.) to find other alums.

NameSportClass YearLocationIndustryCompanyPosition
John DoeMen's Tennis2003Miami, FLMedicine (Oncology)NIHDirector of Research
Rachel BrownTrack & Field2012Chicago, ILSports RetailUnder ArmourDirector of Footwear Design
Eric SmithFootball1995Washington, DCDentistrySmileDirectDentist
Lilly JohnsonSoccer1989Austin, TXFinance (Accounting)RGM ConsultingAccountant