Nov. 15, 2004

Notre Dame football weekends have always been packed with a ton of action on campus. Over the last five years, the list of events on football weekends has increased to the point where several different athletic teams are in action, as well as the traditional events that surround a Notre Dame football game.

On Friday, Nov. 12, 2004, the Joyce Center played host to a basketball practice, volleyball match, football luncheon, football pep rally and women’s basketball game all within the same 12-hour window. None of these events would have been possible without the dedicated and efficient hard work of the Joyce Center set up crew.

Operations Manager Tom Blicher’s crew on Friday, Nov. 12, included Cliff Payne, Chris Horwarth, Bob Momotiuk, Olay Malaythong, Anita Garner, Joel Peffley, Al Smith and Laurie Wenger. The technical crew was made up of Jeff Lentz and August Keuhn. Special thanks to this crew for their continued excellence.

Special credit should also go to the Notre Dame Sports Information team and the athletic department game management group for pulling off the schedule without a hitch.

Photos for this gallery were provided by Gary Paczesny.