Nov. 15, 2012

2013 Monogram Club Online Dues Form

As we enter the holiday season and the busiest time of the year for many, don’t forget that the deadline to pay your Monogram Club dues is fast approaching. To gain access to a football ticket application for the 2013 season, your dues must be postmarked no later than December 31, 2012.

You can pay your dues in one of two ways:

The easiest way to become a 2013 dues-paying member is to use the Monogram Club’s online dues form. Simply visit to become a dues-paying member online. To access the form, you’ll need to enter your ND Alumni Association user name and password. If you forget your user name, click here. If you forget your password, click here. To register for the first time, click here.

– In October, all Monogram winners should have received a copy of the Monogram Club’s annual report. On the inside cover of the annual report, you will find a dues card that you can fill out to pay your dues. Simply fill out the card and mail it in with the return envelope located in the center of the annual report.

Dues for 2013 Monogram Club membership, including a football ticket application, are $150 for Monogram winners who graduated from Notre Dame more than fifty years ago (1963 and earlier) or within the last 10 years (2003-12). For all other Monogram winners (graduating years 1964-2002), annual dues with a football ticket application are $300.

With home football games against USC, Oklahoma and Michigan State on the schedule for 2013, there’s no better year to take advantage of the Monogram Club ticket application (our ticket app provided a 100% home ticket win rate for Monogram members in 2012). To view a full version of the 2013 football schedule, click here.

Dues-paying Monogram winners also receive access to an array of exclusive Monogram Club member benefits, including our popular receptions and post-game Masses during home football weekends, which have been attended by more than 5,000 members and guests this fall. To see a full list of Monogram Club benefits, click here. By paying at the $75 level, Monogram winners receive all benefits of membership, minus the football ticket application.

It’s been a great fall for Notre Dame athletics teams, and the Monogram Club will recognize this success by providing all student-athletes with postseason awards and gifts. These items are funded exclusively by Monogram Club dues. Annual dues also allow the Monogram Club to provide a number of additional benefits and programs for Notre Dame’s current student-athletes.

To see the ways in which your dues benefit our current student-athletes, click here.

Feel free to contact the Monogram Club office at (574) 631-5450 with any questions you may have, and we hope you will consider becoming a dues-paying member in 2013.

Thank you for your ongoing support of the Monogram Club.