rowing at 2017-18 lake natoma invitational

Irish Finish Strong At Oak Ridge Invitational

The University of Notre Dame women’s rowing team completed a strong first weekend of competition at the Oak Ridge Cardinal Invitational with four wins in five races on Sunday, March 17, 2019. Embracing the challenge to compete on St. Patrick’s Day for the Irish, Notre Dame finished off its training trip to Tennessee for Spring Break in fine form.

Next up for the Irish will be a cross-country trip to the Lake Natoma Invitational in Folsom, California, on April 13 and 14.


Varsity Eight –

Emily Stinebaugh, Elizabeth Schrieber, Laura Migliore, Allegra Sodi, Halena Hadi, Marielle Corbett, Kelly Fischer, Julia Randall, Colleen Visnic ( c )

1. NOTRE DAME, 5:46.098

2. Tennessee, 5:53.709

3. Miami, 6:01.827

Varsity Four –

Jennifer Groth, Mara Bhalla, Caroline Hills, Samantha Manfreda, Rosemary McGovern ( c )

1. NOTRE DAME, 6:24.242

2. Tennessee, 6:38.358

3. Miami, 6:57.868

Second Varsity Eight –

Evelyn McManus, Ashley Young, Meghan Greene, Madeline Coady, Hana Ferrero, Audrey Regan, Anja Renkes, Isabella Balder, Mary Ryan ( c )

1. Tennessee, 5:53.613

2. NOTRE DAME, 5:54.612

3. Miami, 6:09.882

Second Varsity Four –

Keady, Analisa Pines, Lauren Kelly, Alex Peyton, Laura Schoonmaker ( c )

1. NOTRE DAME, 6:27.076

2. Tennessee, 6:35.687

3. Miami, 6:52.965

Third Varsity Eight –

Mariah Parsons, Chloe Hemm, Katie Wiedenhoft, Ellie Daum, Katharine Johnson, Mary Grace Phelan, Samantha Broomfield, Bridget Geyer, Tala Mansouri ( c )

1. NOTRE DAME, 6:04.893

2. Tennessee, 6:13.737

3. Minnesota 2V8, 6:30.200