Nov. 21, 2000

notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:01pm ET
Hello, this is Anne, Meotis, and Kelly. We just got in from practice…let’s chat!

Streets from at 6:02pm ET
I have to say congrats on a great season so far! For a team that was predicted to drop back because of “senior losses” you ladies and come out and proved to be a top program. Good luck in the tourney! Hopefully you’ll get enough fan/student support. Do you feel you are overshadowed by the other sports at ND? notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:05pm ET
Obviously the football team gets a lot of attention, but we are blessed with the quality of fans we get. It is not always the quantity that counts, and we want all of our fans from last friday to know that they were awesome!
Also we are lucky to have so much support from our students, coaching staff, support staff, and administration.
We think that the #1 that the school has posted above Grace Hall shows Notre Dame’s committment to us! Barry from [], at 6:05pm ET
Hey ladies,

What do you think will be your biggest challenge in winning the Women’s Championship? Good luck, I’m rooting for you. notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:06pm ET
We need to just play one game at a time. We need to play with confidence and intensity every game from here on out. T from at 6:07pm ET
What do you think of your manager? notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:07pm ET
KEV-DOGG is the best manager in the country, our whole team would be lost without him! Brian B. from at 6:08pm ET
Is Kerri Bakker a distraction in the locker room with her annoying antics and constant talking? Is her brother as cool as I’ve heard? Go Irish! notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:08pm ET
KER-BEAR is a very “LIVELY” person and there’s nothing wrong with that! – GO BEAR!!! WestCoastHusky from at 6:09pm ET
I know you have to take one game at a time, but did you look forward to possibly playing Washington again in the NCAA final? Even though you easily beat the Huskies during the season, would it have been nice for No. 1 and No. 2 to meet in the title game? notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:11pm ET
We always enjoy playing good teams, but #1 and #2 seeds don’t always make it to the finals. There are a number of good teams this year, so the National Championship could go to anyone! John from [] at 6:11pm ET
Anne, how does your background in the European game give you an edge over the opponents here in the States? notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:14pm ET
ANNE: Having played on the international level, I have been fortunate to experience the game with some of the best players in the world. This has definitely given me an edge in the college game. Jimi Hiltz from [] at 6:14pm ET
First of all congratulations on your season and careers at Notre Dame. All three of you are vital to this team, but how important is the speed and scoring ability of Ali Lovelace and Amanda Guertin as you guys enter your quarterfinal matchup with Santa Clara? notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:15pm ET
Speed is always a wonderful thing to have, and we are proud to have them on our team! – GO IRISH!
Lesley from at 6:15pm ET
Hey! What will you all be doing after your days of playing at Notre Dame? Thank you, and best of luck to you all! notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:17pm ET
ANNE: I am undecided, but will start thinking about it after the season.
MOTOR: I am considering a number of things, one of which includes playing in the pro league.
KELLY: I just want to have a good time, maybe play, or coach, but very undecided. Lesley from at 6:17pm ET
Hi! Did you all play with guys when you were younger? If so, what effects did it have on your game in the long run? Thanx!
notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:18pm ET
MEOTIS: We all played with the fellas, and of course we beat them up. Now they are a bit quicker and stronger, so we try to avoid them at all costs. But seriously, it is very important to play at the highest level growing up, and boys make you think faster and play faster. Kritter from at 6:19pm ET
Just for fun…when you get bored away from the soccer field, what do you do for fun? notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:19pm ET
WE LOVE TO DANCE!!!!! anne from at 6:20pm ET
what is your name in Finnish notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:21pm ET
mun nimi on sama suomeksi kuin englanniksikin. -Anne
(sorry she does not know the translation) Kevin Holler from [] at 6:21pm ET
First off, great season, you ladies have proven to be the nucleus of this undefeated squad. But just how vital is the speed and goal scoring of Ali Lovelace and Amanda Guertin as you enter your quarterfinal matchup with Santa Clara? notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:22pm ET
This is for the guys at the COast Guard Academy, Ali and Amanda are AWESOME! Scottie Cieplik from [] at 6:22pm ET
Kelly, how does it feel to room with a girl that scored arguably the biggest goal in Notre Dame soccer history last season? notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:23pm ET
It is an honor to room with the girl who closed her eyes and shot the ball, but turned around before it even went in the net! – I am very proud of her!!! Ryan from at 6:24pm ET
What does Mia Sarkesian mean to the team?

P.S. i was on and saw this and was interested, i went to the same high school as her notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:25pm ET
Mia is a key player to our team. She has incredible vision and controls the pace of the game. She has scored some big time goals for us. GO MIA! Mary from [], at 6:26pm ET
Say Hi to Keysha for me!
I saw her play for the Storm last summer. She’s awesome!
I also talked to you and Keysha after the NCAA game last year against Santa Clara and the final against NC.
Go Irish – beat the Broncos!
Mary D. notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:26pm ET
Hi KEYSIA…You da best! roomies from at 6:27pm ET
Anne, who is your favorite roommate? notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:28pm ET
the whole united nations (I guess an inside joke) – she does speak english! Irish Fan from [] at 6:29pm ET
Meotis – if you didn’t play soccer, what would you be doing (another sport, normal student)?
Best of luck to you three and the team! notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:29pm ET
MEOTIS: I would either be going to grad school or coaching, possibly assistant at a college. hey from at 6:31pm ET
After this season do you feel with the seniors being lost the team is going to lose alot of strength? or not at all? notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:32pm ET
As seniors of course we hope we are missed, but our team is great and they will all be superstars without us! Lesley from at 6:32pm ET
Did you have heroes in your sport when you were growing up? Have the members of the USA National Team become heroes for you now if you didn’t have any in your sport when your were growing up? Go Irish! notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:34pm ET
We all grew up admiring MICHELLE AKERS, and still think she is the best player ever. We also look up to Kristine Lilly’s heart and hardwork.

OF COURSE our most loved is our OWN KATE SOBRERO…she is an inspiration and an incredible player…plus she is wackier than any of us! Erin from at 6:35pm ET
Do you like to play in cold weather? notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:36pm ET
When you go to school in SOUTH BEND you just get use to it! Lauren from at 6:36pm ET
Hey what’s up i was wondering wht is it like to play for Notre Dame college soccer? Is the coaching good? Have you guys lost any games? and i have one more question how many goals have the three of you score? notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:38pm ET
Playing for Notre Dame has been an honor. This University is amazing, and the coaching staff is unbeatable. RANDY, SPARKY, and BAMBINO you guys are the best! Ed from [] at 6:41pm ET
Do you feel the playing field is starting to level out (more parity) in collegiate women’s soccer? notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:42pm ET
YES, there will not be one team that dominates the future of women’s soccer. There are so many good teams out there and the level just keeps rising. Lesley from at 6:43pm ET
What was the one thing that you will all most remember about the Brazil trip? notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:44pm ET
The BUS RIDES, the great soccer culture, and the “FIGHT” Irish Fan from [] at 6:44pm ET
If a young high school player were to ask any of you why they should go to Notre Dame, what would you consider to be the number one reason? notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:45pm ET
Ask any ALUM about this place, and the only answer they will give is that it is GREAT! Patrick Bishop from at 6:49pm ET
Hey Girls!
I live in South Bend and I just wanted to know what it is like to be recognized by people evrywhere you go? Does it get stressful? Or is it fun?
notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:49pm ET
We wouldn’t know, people don’t even recognize us in class! Lesley from at 6:49pm ET
Do any of you have any weird pre-game rituals, or things that you do/wear for “good luck” during the games? notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:52pm ET
None of us are superstitious, but one of our teammates enjoys the comfort of a GOLD pair of underwear for game days! Kritter from at 6:52pm ET
Shh, it’ll be a secret. What’s the most embarissing moment yuo’ve had on the soccer field? notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:55pm ET
We try not to embarrass ourselves on the field…but off the field we are a different story.
Our team is not too good at public speaking, and a few members have been quite hillarious!
Kate Sobrero definitely topped the cake when she had to give an acceptance speech at the BIG EAST CONFERENCE BANQUET and her shirt was all wrinkled and stained, and her only words were “AH THANKS!”
Go Irish from at 6:55pm ET
Do you have to sign autos during while your in class notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:57pm ET
Only for our Professors!

THANKS SO MUCH for joining us here tonight. We enjoyed your questions, and hope to see you all at the game on FRIDAY!


“Peace in the Middle East, because that is where we need it the most” – BOOF Agonzo from [], at 6:58pm ET
I don’t know if our first message got through, but we’re very proud of your accomplishments during the four years you have played for Notre Dame. No one comes into OUR HOUSE, on OUR FIELD, and beats NOTRE DAME.


Good luck to all of you Friday.


Mama & Papa Gonzo notredame.gifMeotis, Kelly, and Anne at 6:58pm ET

– but we really have to run and eat, my tummy is grumbly!