Oct. 25, 2006

Irish head coach Charlie Weis talks about Notre Dame’s senior defensive tackle and all-star candidate Derek Landri.

Q. Can you talk about the play you’ve been getting from Landri?

COACH WEIS: I thought, like I said, the front four, I’m going to include Victor, Travor and Chris in that one for last night (vs. Michigan State), because I thought they played hard. But they created a lot of havoc. There are plays that you don’t notice just when you’re watching the game in person out there. Like there’s one play in the game where Derek just bull rushes the guard into the quarterback. There’s guys wide open on the play. But the ball comes and falls to the ground five yards before it gets to the receiver. That’s because Derek took the guard and walked him right back into the quarterback. I thought they created a lot of havoc last night.

Q. May be off the wall. Does Derek Landri have the ability or skill set to play some defensive end? Have you ever considered that as an alternative?

COACH WEIS: He probably could play some defensive end because of that fast twitch. He’s so explosive inside, one thing that people usually don’t have is people that are disruptive inside. I think he’s explosive inside, which gives you more opportunity to create a problem than just coming off an edge.