Freshman middle blocker Kristin Baer.

Volleyball Meet The Freshmen: Kristin Baer

Sept. 23, 2015

The University of Notre Dame volleyball program welcomed seven newcomers to the team in August to gear up for the 2015 season. The group comes to the Irish from California, Illinois, Indiana, Pennsylvania and Virginia and covers every position on the court.

In a Q&A series that was popular last year, it’s time for Irish fans to meet the group and learn a little more about them as the Irish jump into ACC play this weekend at Purcell Pavilion.

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Next Up: Middle Blocker Kristin Baer

Hometown: San Jose, California

High School: Saint Francis High School (Mountain View, California)

Potential Major: Unsure. Potentially Arts & Letters Pre-Med with Spanish.

The best thing about my hometown: My friends, my family and the weather (warm and not humid).

Favorite place on campus so far: The Grotto. I feel at peace and surrounded by Notre Dame’s community and tradition here.

What drew me to Notre Dame: The opportunity to participate in high-level volleyball and academics, as well as the faith tradition and strong community of Notre Dame.

A hobby that most people wouldn’t know about: I love cooking and baking for other people.

Favorite phone app: FaceTime – I love getting to see and talk with friends and family.

Sport I’d play if it wasn’t volleyball: Basketball

Game-day superstition (if any): No superstition – I like to listen to music, review notes about what part of my game I’m working to improve and say a prayer.

What makes volleyball so special to me: Volleyball has taught me how to improve my weaknesses. Also, the energy when a whole team is working hard together is a special feeling.

Favorite food: Nectarine

Favorite TV Show: The Nanny

Favorite song: Anything country and Sam Smith

Secret (or not so secret) talent: I’m a pretty good whistler!

How would your teammates describe you: Steady and supportive

Personal possession I couldn’t live without: A heart necklace I wear every time I travel.

The people I look up to the most and why: My parents, because they’ve taught me by example all of the values I currently have, including leadership and selflessness.

Advice that has stuck with me: Listen more than you speak.

–Russell Dorn, Athletics Communications Assistant Director