Aug. 17, 2001

The 2001 Notre Dame football team officially kicked off its season on Thursday, August 16.

The entire squad reported for its first day of two-a-day practices. Irish head coach Bob Davie opted to keep the first day of practice despite the rain.

In the following interview, senior Arnaz Battle talks about the team’s first full day of practice and how he is handling the switch to flanker.

How do you feel the team did on the first day of practice?

“With today’s weather conditions, it limited us. We started a little bit sluggish this morning but we rebounded with the second practice.”

Is it tough for you to see the pouring rain on the first day of practice?

“Yes, it is very difficult to see all this rain. I was hoping to come out, see some sun and have a beautiful day. Unfortunately, it was a rainy day and Coach Davie called and said we would be outside. A lot of guys were just excited because it was the first day. Overall, I think it was a positive day.”

How does it feel to get your first fall practice under your belt as a flanker?

“I feel more comfortable. During spring ball, the position was kind of new to me. I had to learn the receiver mentality. After practicing and working out this summer, I feel more confident in what I am doing and trying to accomplish during two-a-days.”

Overall, how do you feel after the first two practices?

“I think I did okay. There are still a lot of areas that I have to work on. As far as the overall rating, I did alright because I gave a 110 percent. I learned a lot today that will help me get through the rest of two-a-day practices.