March 11, 2015

The University of Notre Dame sports performance division will team up with Under Armour to offer “Championship Strategies for Developing the Teenage Athlete,” a premier high school sports performance seminar that will provide access to the most current performance programs and techniques being utilized by Notre Dame student-athletes.

The seminar will run from 12:30 p.m. EDT to 6 p.m. EDT on March 27, 2015, in Club Naimoli at the Joyce Center on the campus of the University of Notre Dame.

“When freshmen arrive on our campus, it isn’t about how strong they are or how fast they run. It’s about how well they move,” says Matt Howley, Notre Dame director of sports science. “A student-athlete who has been coached and developed using sound principles and who moves well gives our performance staff the best opportunity to progress that athlete at a faster rate than one who has poor movement patterns.”

The teenage years of an athlete’s life are among the most important for development. When working with young athletes, the focus should be on developing fundamentals and building a solid foundation that will provide him or her with the best chance to maximize athletic potential.

Paul Winsper, director of athlete performance at Under Armour, said, “Proper movement and recovery are intrinsically related to injury prevention and improved performance. Introducing the teenage athlete to these key factors is essential for reaching their maximum potential.”

The Notre Damesports performance team is tapping into an uncharted area by specifically addressing the professionals who work with this age group. The upcoming seminar, “Championship Strategies for Developing the Teenage Athlete,” is designed for all professionals–coaches, strength and conditioning staff and athletic trainers–who have the opportunities to make positive impacts on student-athletes during this critical stage in their development.

Expert presenters will include:

Matt Howley Bio
Director of Sports Science, Notre Dame
Presentation: Active Recovery – Maximizing Recovery Potential

Rob Hunt Bio
Head Football Athletic Trainer, Notre Dame
Presentation: Concussion – Don’t Be Afraid Of It

Matt Leiszler
Head Football Team Physician, Notre Dame

Presentation: Concussion – Don’t Be Afraid Of It

Paul Longo Bio
Strength and Conditioning Director, Notre Dame
Presentation: Performance Movement Analysis

Kayla Matrunick Bio
Director of Sports Nutrition, Notre Dame
Presentation: Fueling Success – Nutritional Considerations for Optimal Sports Performance

Dr. Michael Clark
Chairman, Founder and CEO, FUSIONETICS

The Fusionetics system is designed to help understand, monitor and improve performance at all levels. It features technology and service solutions to standardize and mobilize testing, plus analytics and programs that improve movement, prevent injury, optimize performance and enhance recovery.

Cost of attendance is $25 and registration details are available here:

The seminar will run concurrently March 27 with the Notre Dame Football Coaches Clinic and it is available to all registered participants of the Football Coaches Clinic at no additional charge.