“In case you’re concerned, I wanted to alleviate the worries you might have about the upcoming camp… Like you, I was frankly a little worried about the whole process as I had not played football in a while and never dreamed I would be able to do it wearing one of the beloved gold helmets and representing an institution I have loved my entire life.”

“That said, you guys are in for a real treat! …many of us will train hard and use this to get in some of the best shape of our lives, relatively speaking. Many of us are older than we think we are or want to admit but, we all have a lot of the fight of the “Fighting Irish!” It just takes us longer to recover now than we remembered in school. For others, they will show up having stretched a little and come for the… brotherhood, friendship and a memory of a life time. A few will even score or catch ridiculous passes… The point is, whatever level you’re able to get too, just come prepared for one of the most amazing weeks of your life and to meet some of the finest gentlemen I’ve had the privilege of knowing. My first season I said I would be ‘one and done’ like many of the veterans. But, trust me when I say it is special… you will likely be back!”

-Junior Fantasy Camper, advice to freshmen

“This year will be my fourth year and every year Fantasy Camp has far exceeded my expectations so be prepared to have a great time! …get in some workout time before camp – you don’t want to be too tired to participate… You don’t want to miss running out of the tunnel hearing your name being announced, running through the player line, the Star-Spangled Banner, the coin toss and stepping onto the field at Notre Dame Stadium to play the game – gives you chills every time!”

“Make sure to invite your family and friends to come out see you play at ND – it makes the experience that much more special. The current & former players, the coaches and staff go above and beyond to make this an amazing experience that you’ll never forget and that you’ll want to do again! This is by far the most welcoming and inclusive group of people I have ever met. The experience goes beyond the camp week to meeting up at future games & events with friends you make during the week. The only downside of camp is the first day you go home and realize you’re not going to football practice that week at Norte Dame – that’s when you’ll start planning for your next camp to do it again!”

-Senior Fantasy Camper, advice to freshmen

“This Notre Dame Football Fantasy Camp was one of the most incredible experiences of my life! My love for Notre Dame has grown even more over this past week. I want to thank all of the upperclassman for treating us lowly freshman like part of the family right from the start! It’s more than just a team! We are a family! We are ND!!! Love thee Notre Dame!!!”

-Freshman Fantasy Camper, following his first camp experience