Oct. 26, 2004

The Notre Dame baseball team and the Freshman Class Council are sponsoring the first annual “Swinging-4-Shoes” campaign, to be held on campus at Frank Eck Stadium on Wednesday, Oct. 27, from 4:00-6:00 p.m. Members of the campus and local communities can drop off extra pairs of shoes (new or slightly worn), with the shoes to be donated to designated charities in South Bend. Those making donations also may try their hand in longest-ball and fastest-pitch contests.

The goal of “Swinging-4-Shoes” is to collect hundreds of athletic shoes, winter boots and dress shoes in men’s and women’s styles. In the spirit of playoff baseball, individuals will be able to compete to win the Longest Ball Hit Contest or the Fastest Pitch Thrown Contest. For each pair of shoes donated, individuals will get two swings off a tee or two pitches into a radar gun. Winners will receive Notre Dame baseball apparel.

For additional information, please contact assistant baseball coach David Grewe (574-631-3375 or grewe.3@nd.edu).