Maloney accepted an energy analyst position with Pace Global this past January.

Supporting The Dream

Aug. 15, 2012

The meaning of the American Dream is interpreted in many different ways by many different people.

But for most, the concept involves taking advantages of the freedoms established by our country’s forefathers to achieve one’s life goals to the utmost extent.

The Monogram Club mentoring program strives to make as many of these American Dreams come true for Notre Dame student-athletes, and one such success story from the program is that of lacrosse Monogram winner Billy Maloney (’11).

The Bethesda, Md., native approached the end of his senior year with hopes of beginning a career in finance, and was looking for ways to build his professional network and ultimately land a promising new job.

With the help of Monogram Club staff member Reggie Brooks (’93), Maloney utilized the mentoring program to connect with football Monogram winners Ryan Leahy (’95) and Tom Galloway (’87), who shared their experiences as financial professionals and offered valuable interview tips that assisted Maloney once he started applying for positions. Brooks also put him in touch with former student-athletes in the Washington, D.C., area, where Maloney hoped to work after leaving Notre Dame.

“The conversations were extremely helpful and gave me a stronger knowledge of the industry,” Maloney said. “My mentors were confident that I would end up in a great place even if I wasn’t always confident in myself. I think that’s what made me feel so much more comfortable in interviews going forward.”

Maloney’s preparation certainly paid dividends, as he impressed in a number of interviews and received three job offers in 10 days this past January. He accepted a position with Pace Global as an energy analyst, and now works in the company’s Washington, D.C., office.

Maloney credits his strong career network for helping him secure the position, as well as his dedication to the job search (Galloway mentioned that Maloney once walked close to two miles from the Baltimore train station to his office, just for an informational interview).

Now, Maloney is already giving back to the program and serving as a Monogram Club mentor to other Notre Dame student-athletes hoping to achieve their versions of the American Dream.

“The connections you make with other Monogram winners are critical, because with the Notre Dame alumni base, everyone genuinely wants to help,” Maloney said. “They might not be able to give you a job directly, but they tend to find a way to get you where you need to be.”


About The Mentoring Program

Founded in 2009, the Monogram Club mentoring program was created to connect current student-athletes with established Monogram winners in their targeted fields of study. Partnering with the Notre Dame Career Center and the Office of Student Welfare and Development, the Monogram Club has matched more than 150 student-athletes with mentors since the program’s inception, helping individuals gain valuable networking advice and career development opportunities. In 2011, the Club expanded the program to also afford graduated Monogram winners the opportunity to benefit from the program through the member-to-member mentoring initiative.

For more information about the mentoring program, contact Monogram Club staff member Mike Sullivan at (574) 631-2909. If you are a Monogram winner and would like to sign up to be a mentor, you can do so by clicking here.

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