Strong Of Heart

Notre Dame Athletics Reenvisions the Strong of Heart Awards

Since 2010, Notre Dame Athletics has brought you Strong of Heart, stories of members of the Notre Dame family who embody that line in the Victory March — “We will fight in ev’ry game, strong of heart and true to her name.”

In that spirit, the reenvisioned Strong of Heart Awards will recognize those connected to Notre Dame athletics whose “strong hearts” have impacted the lives of others, allowed them to triumph in the face of challenges, or offered a compelling example of the values of Notre Dame.

The Notre Dame athletic department is now accepting nominations for the Strong of Heart Awards class to be announced in 2020. As with the Strong of Heart honorees of the past, Fighting Irish Media will elevate each winner’s story through a combination of written and video features at The class also will be recognized during the 2020 football season.

Strong of Heart Awards Criteria:

  • A connection to Notre Dame athletics, including but not limited to:
    • Current or former student-athlete, student manager or coach
    • Current or former administrator, staff member or faculty member 
    • Alumnus, supporter or fan
  • Will have, through their life and deeds, displayed dedication to the pillars upon which the Notre Dame athletic department is built:
    •  Excellence
    • Education
    • Faith
    • Community
    • Tradition

To nominate a person for the 2020 Strong of Heart Awards, fill out the form below.