Athletics Diversity & Inclusion Council Members: Angie Torain (co-chair); Jenny Borg (co-chair); Julie Boser; Reggie Brooks; Katie Capps; Monica Cundiff; Jim Fraleigh; Rob Kelly; Sharla Lewis; Eric Love; Lori Maurer; Jody Sadler; Cynthia Stokes; Harold Swanagan; Kristal Tinkham; Matt Weldy; Missy Conboy; Juli Schreiber; Ciara O’Halloran

For 2020-21 the Council is focused on these 4 areas:

  • Advancing our 6 StaND Together Commitments: Listen; Amplify; Focus; Diversify; Engage Vote
  • Maximizing Talent Attraction
  • Cultivating Talent
  • Enhancing a Climate of Inclusion