Committee Members: Jenny Borg; Julie Boser; Reggie Brooks; Katie Capps; Monica Cundiff; Jim Fraleigh; Mike Harrity; Rob Kelly; Sharla Lewis; Eric Love; Lori Maurer; Jody Sadler; Cynthia Stokes; Harold Swanagan; Kristal Tinkham; Angie Torain; Matt Weldy
Ways to Get Involved:  We hope to include everyone also passionate about contributing to our goal in our efforts.  If you have an interest in volunteering for our 4 sub-committees outlined below please feel free contact Jenny Borg via email at  Or if just have great insight, ideas, thoughts to share we would love to hear from you as well!  
  • Communication/Branding Committee:  Focused on creating a brand and communication strategy relative to our efforts and ensuring we are mindful of D&I in our communication practices 
  • Events Sub-Committee: Focused on providing multiple educational and community-building events thoughout the year for all athletics staff in support of our Diversity & Inclusion mission as well as educating our staff on all campus and community events to participate in 
  • Recruiting Sub-Committee: Focused on helping our department ensure our hiring practices are aligned with our diversity & inclusion mission and we are continuously educating and assisting our hiring managers in these efforts 
  • Retention Sub-Committee:  Focused on providing creative opportunities to continue to educate, grow and develop our staff