UND Staff

Samantha Bowker Huba

Assistant Athletic Trainer, Softball and Fencing

phone 631-7100
Email sbowker@nd.edu

Samantha Huba joined the Sports Medicine staff in the fall of 2017. Her primary sport is Softball but also works with Men’s and Women’s fencing. Prior to joining Notre Dame, Samantha worked at Kent State University from 2014-2017 working a variety of sports including, volleyball, track and field and wrestling.

Samantha graduated from Miami University with a Bachelor’s of Science in Athletic Training. She continued her education at the University of Toledo obtaining a Master’s of Science in Athletic Training.

During Samantha’s free time, she enjoys playing with her pup, Nessy, running and swimming, hiking during the summer and staying warm inside with movies and books during the Winter months.

Samantha married Logan Huba in December 2019 and currently reside in Mishawaka, IN.