Jan. 31, 1997

Notre Dame Women’s Swimming Downs Southern Illinois

NOTRE DAME, Ind. — Notre Dame’s women’s swimmingand diving team defeated Southern Illinois Friday by a score of161-132 at the Rolfs Aquatic Center at Notre Dame. With thewin, the Irish improve to 6-3 on the season and will travel toAnn Arbor, Mich. on Saturday to face Eastern Michigan and hostMichigan.

The Irish jumped out a to a 15-2 lead after the first eventand never trailed in the win. Linda Gallo and Erin Brooks weredouble winners for the Irish who won the first seven events and11 of the 15 events overall. Leticia Herrera, Brittany Kline,Alison Newell, Courtney South and Liz Barger were Notre Dame’sother individual winners. The Irish also captured the 200medley relay and had their biggest lead at 150-76 after 12events before the Salukis won the last three events for thefinal score of 161-132.

Event:  200 Medley Relay1.  ND (Brooks, Kline, Barger, South)         1:50.172.  ND (Hollis Daylor, Shepard, Amorosa)      1:54.183.  SIU (Bobanic, Williams, Burns, Albertyn)  1:55.364.  ND (Beeler, Roedersheimer, Relay, Ricks)  1:55.915.  ND (Rozzoni, Glynn, Gallo, Holmberg)      1:58.98After One Event:Notre Dame 15, Southern Illinois 2Event:  1000 Freestyle1.  Leticia Herrera, ND     10:36.482.  Kiki Sidropoulou, SIU   10:45.813.  Kathy Bracken, SIU      10:48.314.  Jill Matalavage, ND     11:13.315.  Laurie Kelleher, ND     11:47.09After Two Events:Notre Dame  27 , Southern Illinois 9Event:  200 Freestyle1.  Linda Gallo, ND         1:53.142.  Diana Roberts, SIU      1:57.413.  Natalie Najarian, ND    1:58.014.  Allison Hollis, ND      1:58.565.  Jenn Bobanic, SIU       1:59.136.  Laura Shepard, ND       1:59.43After Three Events:Notre Dame  41, Southern Illinois 14Event:  100 Backstroke1.  Erin Brooks, ND           59:222.  Meghan Eckstein, ND     1:00.723.  Jenna Rozzoni, ND       1:02.704.  Nicole Freda, SIU       1:02.975.  Christy Holmberg, ND    1:04.476.  Stefanie Merritt, SIU   1:05.52After Four Events:Notre Dame 57, Southern Illinois 17Event:  100 Breaststroke1. Brittany Kline, ND       1:07.032. Andrelina Rodriguez, SIU 1:09.633. Karen Daylor, ND         1:10.914. Melanie Williams, SIU    1:11.935. Karen Foley, ND          1:12.866. Shannon Glynn, ND        1:17.77After Five Events:Notre Dame 70, Southern Illinois 23Event:  200 Butterfly1.  Alison Newell, ND       2:08.422.  Laura Humphrey, SIU     2:10.363.  Molly Beeler, ND        2:13.704.  Katie Burns, SIU        2:15.245.  Kat Flannery, SIU       2:16.486.  Anne Iacobucci, ND      2:16.737.  Natalie Najarian, ND    2:18.638.  Mary Beth Wehner, SIU   2:24.11After Six Events:Notre Dame 82, Southern Illinois 30Event:  50 Freestyle1.  Courtney South, ND      24.992.  Kirsty Albertyn, SIU    25.883.  Kim Ricks, ND           25.894.  Judy Amorosa, ND        26.015.  Leticia Herrera, ND     26.536.  Stefanie Merritt, SIU   26.74   After Seven Events:Notre  Dame 96, Southern Illinois 35 Event:  One-Meter Diving1.  Karla Gerzema, SIU    236.322.  Lisa Holland, SIU     230.553.  Gina Kettlehorn, ND   215.554.  Rhiana Saunders, ND   203.855.  Jodi Mulvihill, SIU   201.606.  Lydia Ball, SIU       167.557.  Kelly Crowhurst, ND   166.80After Eight Events:Notre Dame 101, Southern Illinois 49Event:  100 Freestyle1.  Linda Gallo, ND       52.632. Kristy Albertyn, SIU   53.583.  Nicole Freda, SIU     54.524.  Laura Humphrey, SIU   57.295. Kristy Holmberg, ND    57.386.  Judy Amorosa, ND      57.497.  Allison Hollis, ND    58.29After  Nine Events:Notre Dame 111, Southern Illinois 58Event:  200 Backstroke1. Erin Brooks, ND          2:07.912.  Meghan Eckstein, ND     2:10.393. Jenn Bobanic, SIU        2:13.194.  Karen Foley, ND         2:16.145.  Stefanie Merritt, SIU   2:16.50After 10 Events:Notre Dame  126, Southern Illinois 62Event:  200 Breaststroke1.  Andrelina Rodriguez, SIU    2:27.442.  Anne Iacobucci, ND          2:31.513.  Rebecca Roedershiemer, ND   2:31.904.  Kiki Siviropoulo, SIU       2:34.885.  Karen Daylor, ND            2:34.936.  Melanie Williams, SIU       2:37.257.  Shannon Glynn, ND           2:45.58After 11 Events:Notre Dame 134, Southern Illinois 73Event:  500 Freestyle1.  Liz Barger, ND              5:12.752.  Courtney South, ND          5:15.293.  Lauren Relay, ND            5:16.654.  Allison Hollis, ND          5:16.845.  Kathy Bracken, SIU          5:17.206.  Kat Flannery, SIU           5:18.087.  Mary Beth Wehner, SIU       5:34.29After 12 Events:Notre Dame 150, Southern Illinois 76Event:  100 ButterflyEx.  Alison Newell, ND           59.231.  Jenn Bobanic, SIU            59.282.  Laura Humphrey, SIU          59.883.  Katie Burns, SIU           1:00.414.  Diana Roberts, SIU         1:00.745.  Laura Shepard, ND          1:01.256.  Molly Beeler, ND           1:01.897.  Judy Amorosa, ND           1:08.97After 13 Events:Notre Dame  153, Southern Illinois 92Event:  Three-Meter Diving1.  Lisa Holland,SIU          253.652.  Karla Gerzema, SIU        246.9753.  Gina Kettlehorn, ND       229.804.  Rhiana Saunders, ND       225.305.  Jodi Mulvihill, SIU       196.8756.  Lydia Ball, SIU           188.707.  Kelly Crowhurst, ND       186.45After 14 Events:Notre Dame 158, Southern Illinois 106Event:  200 Individual Medley1.  Nicole Freda, SIU           2:12.37Ex.   Erin Brooks, ND           2:13.712. Diana Roberts, SIU           2:15.21Ex. Alison Newell, ND           2:15.17 3.  Karen Foley, ND             2:15.654.  Andrelina Rodriguez, SIU    2:17.015. Kiki Sidiropoulou, SIU       2:20.69After 15 Events:Notre Dame 161, Southern Illinios  121Event:  200 Freestyle RelayEx.  ND (Najarian, Shepard, Ricks, Herrera)    1:41.131. SIU (Albertyn, Freda, Wiliams, Burns)       1:44.13Final Score:Notre Dame 161, Southern Illinois 132