January 19, 1997

Notre Dame Women’s Swimming Falls to No. 10 Minnesota

NOTRE DAME, Ind. — Notre Dame’s women’s swimming and diving team dropped its third-straight dual meet as No. 10 Minnesota defeated the Irish 176-124. The loss drops Notre Dame’s record to 5-4 while Minnesota is a perfect 7-0.

The Gophers took a 26-10 lead after the first two events before the Irish won four of the next five events to take a 69-62 lead. Alison Newell won the 200 freestyle, Erin Brooks won the 100 backstroke, Liz Barger won the 200 butterfly and Linda Gallo won the 50 freestyle to spark the Irish to the short-lived lead.

Minnesota then won the one-meter diving and 100 freestyle to open up a 90-79 lead before Notre Dame rallied by taking three of the top four spots in the 200 backstroke to knot the score at 94-94. Brooks won her second event as she claimed the 200 backstroke with Allison Hollis second and Molly Beeler in fourth place.

The Gophers would then pull away as they won the last six events, including the top three spots in the 200 breaststroke, to secure the 176-124 win.

Notre Dame returns to the pool with a 4:00 p.m. dual meet against Southern Illinois on Jan. 31.

Event:  200 Medley Relay1.  MN (Baillie, Schuh, McMillan, Hennen)       1:47.482.  ND (Brooks, Kline, Barger, South)           1:48.873.  MN (Shimanski, Raeth, Coellner, Cottrill)   1:49.414.  ND (Hollis, Daylor, Herrera, Shepard)       1:50.795.  ND (Beeler, Roedersheimer, Foley, Ricks)    1:54.826.  MN (Fischer, Grass, Olson, Miller)          1:56.187.  ND (Eckstein, Glynn, Amorosa, Matalavage)   1:59.97After One Event:Minnesota 13, Notre Dame 4Event:  1000 Freestyle1.  Olga Splichalova, MN       10:08.02    2.  Linda Gallo, ND            10:12.983.  Kim Wilson, MN             10:26.544.  Lauren Relay, ND           10:50.305.  Elizabeth Weld, MN         10:58.11After Two Events:Minnesota 26, Notre Dame 10Event:  200 Freestyle1.  Alison Newell, ND     1:54.072.  Alicia Hicken, MN     1:54.203.  Courtney South, ND    1:54.904.  Krissy Berglund, MN   1:59.225.  Jessica Grass, MN     2:00.096.  Jill Matalavage, ND   2:05.20After Three Events:Minnesota 33, Notre Dame 22Event:  100 Backstroke1.  Erin Brooks, ND       57.602.  Allison Hollis, ND    58.733.  Shona Baillie, MN     58.964.  Beth Shimanski, MN    59.63   5.  Molly Beeler, ND    1:01.596.  Meghan Eckstein, ND 1:02.747.  Amy Cottrill, MN    1:02.828.  Carrie Raeth, MN    1:02.85After Four Events:Minnesota 38, Notre Dame 36Event:  100 Breaststroke1.  Kate McMillan, MN           1:06.902.  Brittany Kline, ND          1:07.773.  Michelle Fischer, MN        1:08.204.  Katie Olson, MN             1:11.285.  Rebecca Roedersheimer, ND   1:11.906.  Karen Foley, ND             1:12.067.  Jessica Smith, MN           1:12.908.  Shannon Glynn, ND           1:16.99After Five Events:Minnesota 52, Notre Dame 41Event:  200 Butterfly1.  Liz Barger, ND           2:05.772.  Lauren Relay, ND         2:06.623.  Terri Jashinsky, MN      2:06.694.  Jenny Hennen, MN         2:07.515.  Alison Newell, ND        2:09.356.  Leticia Herrera, ND      2:09.447.  Kim Wilson, MN           2:16.82After Six Events:Minnesota 57, Notre Dame 55Event:  50 Freestyle1.  Linda Gallo, ND        24.612.  Devon Coellner, MN     24.773.  Laura Shepard, ND      24.884.  Karen Daylor, ND       24.995.  Gretchen Hegener, MN   25.27   6.  Susie Helvig, MN       25.367.  Tonya Schuh, MN        25:37  8.  Kim Ricks, ND          26:02Exhibition Heat1.  Heather Miller, MN     25:822.  Jill Matalavage, ND    27:11After Seven Events:Notre Dame 69, Minnesota 62Event:  One-Meter Diving1.  Carrie Hansen, MN     268.50  2.  Andrea Berg, MN       267.523.  Gina Ketelhohn, ND    258.004.  Rhiana Saunders, ND   256.275.  Shelly Miller, MN     233.256.  Kelly Crowhurst, ND   171.22    After Eight Events:Minnesota 76, Notre Dame 74Event:  100 Freestyle1.  Amy Cottrill, MN     52.652.  Courtney South, ND   53.273.  Devon Coellner, MN   53.894.  Susie Helvig, MN     54.725.  Laura Shepard, ND    54.736.  Karen Daylor, ND     54.787.  Heather Miller, MN   56.098.  Kim Ricks, ND        56.61After Nine Events:Minnesota 90, Notre Dame 79Event:  200 Backstroke1.  Erin Brooks, ND       2:03.532.  Allison Hollis, ND    2:04.29 3.  Marta Knowles, MN     2:08.794.  Molly Beeler, ND      2:09.825.  Beth Shimanski, MN    2:11.496.  Anne Iacobucci, ND    2:12.517.  Kim Wilson, MN        2:16.55After 10 Events:Minnesota 94, Notre Dame 94Event:  200 Breaststroke1.  Gretchen Hegener, MN        2:21.502.  Michelle Fischer, MN        2:26.283.  Kate McMillan, MN           2:26.504.  Brittany Kline, ND          2:31.14Ex  Jessica Smith, MN           2:32.705.  Rebecca Roedersheimer, ND   2:34.416.  Karen Foley, ND             2:35.437.  Shannon Glynn, ND           2:43.94After 11 Events:Minnesota 110, Notre Dame 97Event:  500 Freestyle1.  Olga Splichalova, MN    4:58.312.  Linda Gallo, ND         5:00:343.  Jenny Hennen, MN        5:02.184.  Alison Newell, ND       5:03.515.  Alicia Hicken, MN       5:04.606.  Elizabeth Weld, MN      5:18.777.  Jill Matalavage, ND     5:39.67After 12 Events:Minnesota 123, Notre Dame 103Event:  100 Butterfly1.  Tonya Shuh, MN          56.992.  Liz Barger, ND          57.523.  Terri Jashinsky, MN     57.894.  Laura Shepard, ND       59.545.  Carrie Raeth, MN        59.906.  Lauren Relay, ND      1:00.006.  Leticia Herrera, ND   1:00.008.  Krissy Berglund, MN   1:01.88After 13 Events:Minnesota 136, Notre Dame 109Event:  Three-Meter Diving1.  Carrie Hansen, MN      279.302.  Gina Ketelhohn, ND     269.1753.  Andrea Berg, MN        254.254.  Rhiana Saunders, ND    244.20  5.  Shelly Miller, MN      231.526.  Kelly Crowhurst, ND    173.10After 14 Events:Minnesota 149, Notre Dame 115Event:  200 Individual Medley1.  Devon Coellner, MN     2:10.312.  Liz Barger, ND         2:10.793.  Jessica Grass, MN      2:10.874.  Alicia Hicken, MN      2:11.725.  Anne Iacobucci, ND     2:13.376.  Michelle Fischer, ND   2:14.667.  Molly Beeler, ND       2:14.978.  Karen Foley, ND        2:16.40After 15 Events:Minnesota 163, Notre Dame 120Event:  800 Freestyle Relay1.  MN (Jashinsky, Cottrill, Hennen, Splichlova)    7:38.032.  ND (Gallo, South, Newell, Hollis)               7:42.693.  MN (Weld, Helvig, Berglund, Wilson)             8:02.93Final Score:Minnesota 176, Notre Dame 124