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In my dreams I imagine a lifetime where there is NO cancer. A world where there is no more pain, only opportunities to live a long life and fulfill personal dreams with those we love. The partnership we have with Notre Dame Women’s Basketball, gives me “HOPE” that this dream will be a reality someday. PINK ZONE promotes cancer awareness and funding needed to help provide early detection of breast cancer. Early detection saves lives!

My name is Kim Zobrosky. I was diagnosed with breast cancer at 40 years of age, just 8 years ago, on my daughter Jordan’s 5th birthday.

My story is one with a happy ending. Unfortunately there are many women in the community whose stories do not have the same happy ending. I was fortunate, I had insurance that would cover mammograms. Many women do not have access to mammograms because they are not insured. By the time cancer is found, it can often be a later stage with a poor prognosis, especially in young women.

A portion of the proceeds raised at PINK ZONE are generously donated our group, Young Survivors. These funds are facilitated through United Health Services, and are used to help women gain access to free diagnostic services appropriate for screening women under 40. Women who are diagnosed with breast cancer, receive support materials and a care package. They are also offered complimentary support services beyond treatment.

Stephanie Menio, Coach McGraw, Coach Niele and the amazing Notre Dame Women’s Basketball team provide a very inspirational event that promotes awareness and celebrates survivorship for all cancer survivors. Pink Zone promises to be even more exciting this coming year. Our group, Young Survivors had an amazing time at Pink Zone, celebrating and networking with others in our community who need our support services.

By the way, Coach McGraw’s pink stilettos ‘ROCK.’


I wish to express my heartfelt gratitude to everyone who supports this event, you may not know it, but you will make a difference, you may even save a life!

We are blessed and honored to be part of Notre Dame Women’s Basketball team in the ‘fight against breast cancer.’


Pink HUGS ~

Kim Zobrosky

8 Year Breast Cancer Survivor

Young Survivors, Group Facilitator



If you are a woman who does not have insurance or your insurance does not cover mammograms, I encourage you to call me at United Health Services @ 574-247-6047, ext. 109, to see if you qualify for a free mammogram through the Breast Health Programs that we facilitate for Notre Dame, Secret Sisters and Young Survivors.



At the age of 39, my life seemed to cruising along pretty good. I am a young woman who wears many hats and at that time, 9 years ago, I was a wife; mother of 2 wonderful kids; a registered nurse and was taking classes at IUSB to advance my degree in nursing. I was in a class listening to my professor remind my fellow nurses to always teach our patients to do their breast self exam (BSE). She emphasized that they learn to not only feel for suspicious lumps but to also examine their breasts in the mirror, looking for any dimpling or abnormal skin texture areas. I had been doing my monthly BSE but had only been feeling for lumps! So I went home and looked in the mirror, and to my surprise, I found a dimple in my right breast.

There was a lump present under that dimple! I immediately called my doctor and had a mammogram within 24 hours of finding my dimple. It was breast cancer. I underwent surgery to have a lumpectomy; then chemotherapy, and radiation therapy. I just celebrated 9 years since finding that lump. It was a life changing experience. I often tell my story to my patients’ families, and even to strangers that I have only just met. I want everyone to know how important it is to take care of your health by doing self exams and seeing their doctor regularly.

It was a few months after I finished my cancer treatment that I was approached about a new group of ladies who were younger and survivors of breast cancer. We quickly grew from a small group of approximately 5 women, to now, a group of more than 60. We meet monthly to discuss topics that effect cancer survivors either going through current treatment or the after effects and issues that we struggle with post treatment. It’s a lovely sisterhood that you would never think you’d be joining, but once you’re in it, it’s like a warm embrace.

The Pink Zone/Notre Dame Women’s Basketball team are doing great work by helping to support local groups continue to help those in our community who need services. The Pink Zone event is one that I look forward to every year! It’s such an inspirational and uplifting day. My dream is that one day there will be a cure for breast cancer!


9 Year Breast Cancer Survivor

Young Survivors



Last years Pink Zone game was totally awesome. Sitting on the floor as a survivor watching the game and everything that was going on totally made my day. It made me forget about everything that I was going through. For Notre Dame to let the Young Survivors be a part of sure a wonderful fundraising event is unforgetable in my eyes. I hope to enjoy more of these games with my family. Love the pink shoes! Thank you Notre Dame Women’s Basketball!!

2 Year Breast Cancer Survivor

Young Survivors



Amazing, the event is absolutely amazing. This is a magical moment for survivors and co-survivors. This affirms that we are not alone in this fight and the support from the Notre Dame Women’s Basketball players and coaches allows us to be there to support future young women who hear the dreaded statement: “you have cancer.”

We want to continue to assist young women affected by breast cancer and without the phenominal support of “PINK ZONE” we would not be able to.

THANK-YOU to Notre Dame Women’s Baskeball, does not appropriately express the deep grattitude we feel. You are a blessing to the Young Survivors and the community.

6 Year Breast Cancer Survivor

Young Survivors



Survivorship to me is “unique.” All survivors are hero’s and we love the common ground that is shared! Being part of Pink Zone is such an empowerment to be recognized as a survivor of “cancer” by the Notre Dame Women’s Basketball team, their Coach Muffet McGraw and staff.

When I walk down those stairs out to the floor and we all hold each others hands, it is such a powerful feeling, knowing that I “won” with so many others, and there is a such great feeling that I “won” this fight!

5 Year Breast Cancer Survivor

Young Survivors


If you would like to submit your survivor story and pictures, please send them to Stephanie Menio at smenio@nd.edu.