Jan. 17, 1997

Notre Dame Swimmers Sweep Bowling Green

NOTRE DAME, Ind. — Notre Dame’s men’s and women’s swimming teams swept Bowling Green in dual meet action at Rolfs Aquatic Center at Notre Dame. Notre Dame’s women’s team defeated the Falcons 133-108 while the men coasted to 149.5- 86.5 win. The meets were the first since the men’s team returned from a two-week trip to Brazil and since the women’s team returned from a two-week trip to Hawaii. With the wins, the women improve to 5-1 while the men are now 3-3.

In the women’s meet, the Irish won first place in 10 of the 12 events, including both relays, as Notre Dame opened up a 64-point lead after seven events. Natalie Najarian and Linda Gallo were double winners for Notre Dame. Najarian claimed the 50 and 100 freestyle and Gallo won the 200 freestyle and the 400 individual medley. Gallo was also part of the winning 400 freestyle relay team. Alison Newell, Liz Barger, Erin Brooks, Leticia Herrera and diver Gina Ketelhohn each won events to round out the Irish winners.

Notre Dame’s men’s team jumped out to a 15-2 lead after winning the top two spots in 400 medley relay and would lead by as many as 75 points at one point in the win. Ron Royer and Herb Huesman were double winners for the Irish as Royer won both the 50 and 100 freestyle. Huesman swept both the one-meter and three-meter diving events with scores of 278.025 and 287.320. Ry Beville, Chris Fugate and John Lubker also were winners for Notre Dame.

Both teams return to the pool Saturday, Jan. 18., as Notre Dame’s women’s team travels to Illinois to face Illinois and Indiana while the men head to Cleveland State to face the host Vikings and Niagara. The women return home with a dual meet against No. 10 Minnesota on Sunday, Jan. 19, at 1:00 p.m. at Rolfs Aquatic Center.

Event:  400 Medley Relay1.  ND (Fugate, Rose, Beville, Fetter)      3:33.312.  ND (Page, Whowell, Murphy, Najarian)    3:36.863.  BG (Beecher, Johnsen, Reinke, Dugan)    3:37.784.  ND (Donovan, McCluskey, Bard, Clearkin) 3:42.245.  ND (Saylor, Toothaker, Stolz, Cahill)   3:48.97After One Event:Notre Dame 15, Bowling Green 2Event:  1000 Freestyle1.  Brandon Farris, BG  9:47.992.  Wes Richardson, ND  9:55.503.  Sean Casey, ND      10:02.994.  Brian Kolle, ND     10:23.925.  Mike Revers, ND     10:38.656.  Geoff Reeves, BG    11:08.80After Two Events:Notre Dame 24, Bowling Green 12Event:  200 Freestyle1.  Tom Stoltz, BG      1:44.012.  Ry Beville, ND      1:46.553.  Rich Murphy, ND     1:46.824.  Brian Najarian, ND  1:48.605.  Jon Teichman, BG    1:49.116.  John Kennedy, ND    1:51.777.  Dave Morgan, BG     1:52.89After Three Events:Notre Dame 33, Bowling Green 22Event:  50 Freestyle1.  Ron Royer, ND       21.422.  Mike Doyle, ND      22.093.  Vince Kuna, ND      22.224.  Matt Johnsen, BG    22.645.  Ethan Dugan, BG     22.886.  John Steffan, ND    23.157.  Aaron Hemminger, BG 23.17After Four Events:Notre Dame 49, Bowling Green 25Event:  400 Individual Medley1.  Brandon Farris, BG  4:10.722.  John Lubker, ND     4:13.343.  Robert Fetter, ND   4:22.764.  Ray Fitzpatrick, ND 4:25.475.  Kevin Darling, BG   4:25.64After Five Events:Notre Dame 58, Bowling Green 35Event:  One-Meter Diving1.  Herb Huesman, ND    278.0252.  Jeff Allen, BG      229.9503.  Tyler Maertz, ND    200.325After Six Events:Notre Dame 70, Bowling Green 39Event:  100 Butterfly1.  Ry Beville, ND      51.822.  Bill Beecher, BG    52.983.  Rich Murphy, ND     53.204.  Chuck Bard, ND      54.225.  Steve Reinke, BG    54.326.  Steele Whowell, ND  55.127.  Cole Dove, BG       55.358.  Dave Morgan, BG     58.48After Seven Events:Notre Dame 84, Bowling Green 44Event:  100 Freestyle1.  Ron Royer, ND       48.042.  Tom Stoltz, BG      48.393.  Vince Kuna, ND      48.424.  Matt Rose, ND       48.555.  Ray Fitzpatrick, ND 49.086.  Jon Teichman, BG    50.477.  Aaron Hemminger, BG 52.158.  Geoff Reeves, BG    53.23After Eight Events:Notre Dame 98, Bowling Green 49Event:  100 Backstroke1.  Chris Fugate, ND    53.652.  Mike Donovan, ND    55.293.  Jeff Page, ND       55.514.  Bill Beecher, BG    55.675.  Josh Saylor, ND     56.466.  Steve Reinke, BG    57.67After Nine Events:Notre Dame 114, Bowling Green 52Event:  500 Freestyle1.  John Lubker, ND     4:43.592.  Brandon, Farris, BG 4:43.653.  Kevin Darling, BG   4:56.953.  Brian Najarian, ND  4:56.95After 10 Events:Notre Dame 125.5, Bowling Green 58.5Event:  Three-Meter Diving1.  Herb Huesman, ND    287.322.  Jeff Allen, BG      250.053.  Tyler Maertz, ND    236.77After 11 Events:Notre Dame 137.5, Bowling Green 62.5Event:  100 Breaststroke1.  Matt Johnsen, BG    1:01.262.  Cole Dove, BG       1:01.503.  Brice Toothaker, ND 1:02.874.  Kevin McCluskey, ND 1:02.935.  Steve Cardwell, ND  1:03.626.  Mike Revers, ND     1:04.63After 12 Events:Notre Dame 143.5, Bowling Green 75.5Event:  400 Freestyle Relay1.  BG (Stoltz, Darling, Dugan, Teichman)       3:15.532.  ND (Donovan, Steffan, Clearkin, Kennedy)    3:18.633.  ND (Cahill, Bard, Driscoll, Stolz)          3:25.804.  BG (Morgan, Hemminger, Dove, Reeves)        3:27.37Final Score:Notre Dame 149.5, Bowling Green 86.5