Hole 9

Par 3, 185 yards

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Hole No. 9, as seen from one of the Warren Golf Course’s distinctive rectangular tee boxes. The hole is beautifully framed by trees and the clubhouse is in the background. (Photo taken in July 1, 1999) spacer.gif
A side view of the back-to-front sloping green at the ninth. (Photo taken in July 1, 1999) spacer.gif
The sights from the No. 9 tee (par three, 185 yards) include a clear view of the southwest corner of the clubhouse. (Photo taken in April, 1999) spacer.gif
The approach on the ninth hole presents an open front to a green that is surrounded by deceptive bunkering. The first rightside bunker is intimidating from the tee and appears to be located just in front of the green, when in fact a shot must travel 25-30 yards past that bunker to reach the equally-tricky putting surface (May 1, 1999). spacer.gif
The ninth hole is flanked on the west by the main entrance and parking area, just north of Douglas Road (May 1, 1999). spacer.gif