Hole 15

Par 4, 380 yards

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Looking down the tee at the par-four 15th hole. The tee shot is very important here because there are about a dozen bunkers to the right and a couple to the left that will gobble up any shot that is not struck properly. (Photos taken in July 1, 1999) spacer.gif
Hole 15 from the preferred landing area. The clubhouse is just behind the large bank of trees behind the green. (Photos taken in July 1, 1999) spacer.gif
A closeup look at the bunker under construction, guarding the front right of No. 15 green. (Photos taken in July 1, 1999) spacer.gif
The 15th hole fairway showcases several of the course’s challenging bunker placements. spacer.gif
The right side of the fairway on No. 15 includes four bunkers that could spoil a well-struck drive from the tee (May 1, 1999). spacer.gif
The 15th green is just a stones throw from the clubhouse, yet the building is obscured by a distinctive variety of trees that rim the putting green (May 1, 1999).