Hole 11

Par 3, 216 yards

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The “fairway” bunkers at the long par-three 11th hole. This is another architectural deception in that-from the tees-the front bunkers appear to be located on the sides of the green when they in fact are 20 yards short of it (bunkers actually are on the sides of the green, as well). (July 1, 1999). spacer.gif


This bunker protects any shot that misses the green to the right at the long par-three 11th. (July 1, 1999). spacer.gif


The par-three 11th hole will be known for a pair of deceptive, long and narrow bunkers that lie 25-30 yards in front of the green (at a 90-degree angle). From the tee, the bunkers appear to be situated alongside what is the biggest green on the course-with plenty of back-to-front slope (May 1, 1999). spacer.gif
A westside view of one of the long and narrow bunkers that funnel approach shots into the green at No. 11 (May 1, 1999).