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 What They’re Saying  “I would say without a doubt Golden (Tate) is the best player that we have faced. He does it all. This guy is exceptional at catching the ball, exceptional at making guys miss, he’s a tough guy. Wherever they line him up, whatever responsibility they give him, this guy is special. He is very impressive.”
— Dave Wannstedt, Nov. 9, 2009    “He’s a great player. He really is. He’s a true play maker. Extraordinary confidence in his own ability to make things happen. The catch he makes over the middle when he holds the ball away from T.J. or Josh, that’s an amazing grab. The presence to know to keep the ball away, that was big time. His ability to play with great speed on the deep ball. But the best part of the deep ball that he caught was he elevated at the end of all of that. He was running full speed 40 yards down the field, and he hit it and got up off the ground and needed every bit of that elevation to make the play. That’s big time stuff. That’s reminiscent of Lynn Swann going over the top of guys in Super Bowls. Those are fantastic athletic demonstrations. He’s a great player.”
— Pete Carroll, Oct. 19, 2009
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