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  • Only four quarterbacks in the FBS (among qualifiers on the NCAA passing report) have fewer interceptions than Clausen’s four and each has over 60 fewer pass attempts. He is tied with nine other quarterbacks for the fifth fewest interceptions in the nation – all of whom also have fewer pass attempts than Clausen.
  • Despite missing half of the Purdue game and playing with a turf toe injury the last nine games, Clausen still ranks among the top FBS quarterbacks in the nation in the following passing categories:
    Category # NCAA Rank
    Total Passing Yards 3382 4th
    Passing Yards/Game 307.45 5th
    Passing Efficiency 156.45 7th
    Total Offense/Game 300.18 6th
    Total Offense Yards 3302 5th
    Fewest Interceptions 4 t-5th
    Completion Percentage 67.34 10th
    Completions/Game 24.55 9th
    Passing Yards/Attempt 8.56 11th
    Passing Touchdowns 23 t-8th
    Total Passing Completions 266 10th
    Total Points Responsible for 156 t-12th
    Points Responsible/Game 14.18 t-14th
    Total Passing Attempts 395 12th
    Passing Yards/Completion 12.31 t-37th
  • Clausen throws an interception every 98.8 pass attempts, which ranks second best among FBS qualifying quarterbacks. Here is the top five:
      Average Passes Between INTs  
    1. Kellen Moore, Boise State 109.7
    2. Jimmy Clausen, Notre Dame 98.8
    3. Case Keenum, Houston 92.2
    4. Diondre Borel, Utah State 84.3
    5. Tyler Sheehan, Bowling Green 82.8
  • Clausen has moved into the top-20 among active FBS quarterbacks in a number of career categories:
    Passing Completions/Game 19.8 11th
    Passing Yards/Game 229.6 13th
    Passing Completions 672 13th
    Passing Attempts/Game 31.8 13th
    Passing Touchdowns 55 t-16th
    Passing Attempts 1080 16th
    Passing Yards 7808 17th
    Completion Percentages 62.22 19th
    Total Offense Plays/Game 36.8 20th
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