Coaches Review The Battle…..

Lou Holtz

Notre Dame Head Coach Lou Holtz

(On the game) “I am very proud of the way our footballteam played today. Pitt is a much improved team from earlierin the year. I thought it would be a struggle, but our playerscame out to play. Pitt has a bunch of young players and is onthe way up. Johnny Majors is an excellent coach. Make nomistake about it, Pitt will be back.”

(On the team)“We are in a rhythm and are playing well right now.It was a good win for us, but it was just one win. Our playersand assistant coaches have done an excellent job this year. Ican’t say enough about them. Nothing fazes our players.”

(On his future) “I am not a fortune teller. I tried to lookat my palms, but I couldn’t tell anything.”

(On whether he will resign) “I am going to resign eventually.When I first started here and was 1-4, I never thought I wouldmake it 11 years. I will leave Notre Dame eventually, but I willleave it on a solid foundation.”

(On when he will decide whether to resign) “I would like to waituntil the end of the season, but I will have to sit down this weekwith (executive vice-president) Fr. Bill (Beauchamp) and (athletic director) Mike Wadsworth as soon as we can.”

Pittsburgh Head Coach Johnny Majors

(On the game) “We were beaten by a much superior team today, bothphysically and mentally. Their punt returns are superb and our coveragewas subpar. Their speed really killed us today. We have an off week nextweek and we need it.”

(On their quick kick) “I think it was a good decision, but we could not stop them on the next drive. I think it was my best call of the game. Ithink it ended up being our best field position of the day.”

(On Lou Holtz) “I have great respect for Lou. He is an excellent coach.That is all I can say.”