From The Locker Rooms….

Ron Powlus

Notre Dame Quarterback Ron Powlus
“There was no question coming in that they would be fired upand they were going to play their best game. They are a good team,they have good athletes and they play well when they cometogether. We knew that it would be a tough game in the firsthalf, but we expected that our physical play would wear themdown. In the second half, our offensive line executed well whenwe had to and our defense really stepped up.”

“This was a very difficult week. We had to battle jet lagafter the Ireland trip, catch up on our academics and preparefor a road game. We have a pretty good group of guys as far asgetting focused and I think that we showed that today.”

Notre Dame Running Back Robert Farmer
“Our strength is our power running game. We wanted to come in andmake a statement by establishing the run. We didn’t do that thelast time we were here. I think that was the key to our wintoday. I’m glad that I could come in and help the team and thatwe got out of here with a win.”