From The Locker Rooms….

Notre Dame Quarterback Ron Powlus:
“Our game is a power running game. I thought we had gone throughenough. I guess we didn’t.”

“Their defense was playing games with our offense. The only numbers that count are the ones on the scoreboard.”

“The play had worked twice earlier to Marc, but I just lost the ball. That was the end of the game.”

Notre Dame Receiver Raki Nelson:
“I caught the ball. It hit me in the chest, but I caught it. I thought I had my first touchdown, but the referee took it away.

“The ref was behind me. He didn’t have a good angle on it”.

Air Force Placekicker Dallas Thompson:
“We thought and we believed all week that we could win.I blocked all the noise out and didn’t hearanything. We didn’t want to lose on a last second field goalagain.”

AirForce Linebacker Steve Fernandez:
“This feels about 500,000 times better than last week (loss to Navy). This is as good as it gets.”