From The Locker Rooms….

Lyron Cobbins

Notre Dame linebacker Lyron Cobbins:
(On the defense) “We had a rough game today. We had trouble stopping them, compared to what we’ve encountered earlier in the season. We just have to use this to learn from this and hopefully something good will come out of this.”

Notre Dame fullback Marc Edwards:
(On the game) “We embarrassed ourselves out there today in the first half. The offense couldn’t move the ball and we left the defense in some bad situations. The defense played their hearts out.

“When we came out in the second half, we didn’t come back like we should have.”

(On the punt return being called back) “That one play, the punt return, could have turned the whole thing around. I haven’t seen the tape yet so I am not sure what to think.”

Ohio State tackle Orlando Pace:
(On the game) “We knew we had a great defense. Our offense was catching them by surprise. Both teams wanted a physical matchup. We overpowered them. Our offensive line really came together.”

Ohio State receiver Mike Wiley:
(On Ohio State’s play) “Not many teams can come in and beat Notre Dame. Stanley Jackson proved he can play at this level. Both Jackson and Joe Germaine proved they can play quarterback for Ohio State.”

Ohio State safety Damon Moore:
(On the game) “This game is a little bigger, but we don’t get caught up in the tradition.”

(On Ron Powlus) “He was definitely distraught, really frustrated.

“We knew we had more speed on defense than they have on offense. We knew they were a good running team.”