From The Locker Rooms….

Autry Denson

ND Running Back Autry Denson:
(On his career game)
“The line did it for me. They made great blocks so I could have huge holesto run through. We played hard as a team and we accomplished this as a team.These are the reasons why I came to Notre Dame (a good offensive line and alsothe family spirit and unity of the team). We have to work hard this week tocarry on our role for the season.”

ND Quarterback Ron Powlus
(On protection in the pocket this season)
“I have a great group of guys this year that I feel comfortable with. I knowthat these guys will do whatever they have to do to protect me and I know thatthey will always give everything they have.”

(On the game)
“We’ve had a good run so far this season. We’re showing that we can be diverseand mix things up to keep other teams on their toes. Today we showed the optionand that we can run it and be a threat to other teams.”

Linebacker Lyron Cobbins
(On the attitude of the defense)
“It’s great playing with all these guys. It’s like playing with a familythat will support you. We always look for something to happen and when somethinghappens we do our best to capitalize for the positive. We played well this weekin the game and we hope to carry it on throughout the season.”

Purdue Quarterback Billy Dicken
(On preparation)
“I thought we had a pretty good game plan going in…we were moving the ballwell in the first half, but we stopped ourselves with penalties a few times. Wecan’t miss blocks like we did…we’ll have to regroup again.”

Offensive Tackle Chad Manning
(On the game plan)
“We battled in the first half, but in the second half we just didn’t get thejob done.”

Offensive Guard Emmett Zitelli
(On preparation)
“We got into some situations where it was third and long, and our passprotection broke down.”