Coaches Review The Battle…..

Lou Holtz

Notre Dame Head Coach Lou Holtz:
(On the battle) “I want to compliment Vanderbilt. I think they gave a tremendous effort, I thought they played an outstanding game. I think their coaching staff did an outstanding job in having them ready for their opening game.”

(More on the game) “I told our football team that I felt Vanderbilt was one of the best defensive football teams that we would play this year.

“On third and 37, I thought we were back in Miami in 1989 when they converted it on third and 42.

“The kid made a great play and as great throw. I thought our defense really played well and kept us in the ballgame.”

(On the offense) “We didn’t hit some passes that I thought we had open early. The one thing I really was pleased with was the way our players responded, and competed coming back.

“To go from turning the ball over, to all of the sudden we’re in great, to all of the sudden we’re behind, I thought our football team responded really well at the time.”

(On turnovers) “The four turnovers by the backs are the most I can ever remember. I was really discouraged.”

Vanderbilt Head Coach Rod Dowhower:
(On the game) “Trying hard isn’t good enough, we’ve got to close.

“Physically, we can complete, we’ve got to get more plays out of individuals.

“We’re very frustrated in terms of our offense.

“We’ve done good things in practice, and they didn’t carry over to the game.”