Oct. 13, 2000

The Notre Dame Sports Heritage Hall ring of monogram-winner names will receive nearly 1,700 additions this fall (early Nov.), as Notre Dame monogram winners from the 1990s (plus several from the ’80s) will be added to the existing ring of gold names. The 1990s names includes student-athletes who earned their final monogram prior to the 2000 spring semester (athletes returning for the 2000-01 season will be placed in the next decade).

A listing of the new names also is available at the following link: http://www.fansonly.com/schools/nd/genrel/082800aab.html

Please contact Pete LaFleur ASAP with any additions or corrections (219-631-7516 or lafleur.4@nd.edu) .

Plans also have been finalized for expansion of the Sports Heritage Hall exhibits, and donations of Notre Dame athletic memorabilia always are welcome (please also contact LaFleur if interested in donating items.