October 3, 1996

Women Take First, Men Take Second at Notre Dame Invitational

Notre Dame, Indiana–Notre Dame faced tough competition at the Notre Dame Invitational as the women took home first place while the men finished second at the Notre Dame Invitational at Notre Dame golf course, on Friday. Michigan claimed the men’s title with 61 points while Notre Dame was second with 69 points and Duke was third with 96 points. On the women’s side, Notre Dame won with 88 points while Bowling Green State was second with 115 points and Lewis University was third with 120 points.

The men were paced by junior Jason Rexing who finished in fifth place with a time of 24:02. Matt Althoff and Derek Seiling finished in seventh and ninth place respectively. Joe Dunlop also finished in the top fifteen for the Irish.

Joanna Deeter continued to run well for the Irish as she took home first place honors with a time of 16:27. Nicole LaSelle was the only other Irish runner in the top ten as she finished in seventh place.

The Irish run next at the Central Collegiate Championships in Kalamazoo, Mich.

Men's Results                             Women's ResultsMichigan 61, ND 69, Duke 96               ND 88, BGSU 115, Lewis 120 1.  James Njoroge, Taylor   23:34        1.  Joanna Deeter, ND        16:27 2.  John Mortimer, Mich.    23:42        2.  Kay Arient, Lewis        16:31 3.  Ambo Bati, Augustana    23:58        3.  Missy McCleary, Windsor  16:43 4.  Mac Knapp, WVU          24:00        4.  Charity Wachera, WVU     17:00    5.  Jason Rexing, ND        24:02        5.  Magdalena Paszta, Lewis  17:05      6.  Matt Brill, N. Central  24:06        6.  Heather Bury, WVU        17:08  7.  Matt Althoff, ND        24:07        7.  Nicole LaSelle, ND       17:08 8.  Scott Macdonald, Mich.  24:12        8.  Malgorazata Biela, Lewis 17:11 9.  Derek Seiling, ND       24:22        9.  Beth Shroyer, EMU        17:2110.  Jay Brock, UNI          24:27       10.  Amy Perry, Edinboro      17:25