Feb. 22, 1997

Irish Go Undefeated at Northwestern

EVANSTON, Ill. — The Notre Dame fencing teams went undefeated on the day at Northwestern. The Irish men beat Lawrence 18-9, Michigan 25-2, Northwestern 19-8, Michigan State 19-8, and Purdue 32-0. The Irish women beat Lawrence 31-1, Michigan 30-2, Northwestern 27-5, and Purdue 32-0.

The Irish men were led by Foilists Charles Hayes (South Bend, IN) (13-1) and Stephane Auriol (Elkhart, IN) (10-2), and sabreman John Scherpereel (Murrysville, PA) (9-1). The Irish women dominated the competition, losing only seven out of 160 bouts. The undefeated Irish were epeeists Magda Krol (Vancouver, BC) (16-0), Nicole Mustilli (South Orange, NJ) (11-0), and Maria Thieneman (St. Joseph, MI) (5-0), and foilists Myriah Brown (Mishawaka, IN) (6-0), Rose Saari (Marquette, MI) (13-0), and Sara Walsh (Mishawaka, IN) (14-0).