May 28, 1999

Recap | Box Score

Fullerton Head Coach George Horton
“It was a terrific ballgame. We were frustrated, but I think a lot of that had to do with the toughness in Michigan and their ballplayers battling and staying focused. … Their pitchers just kept coming at us and making pitches. I was frustrated trying to find some way to turn the game around and maybe catch a break. Luckily, the hourglass didn’t run out on us before we finally got a clutch hit.”

“This team has made this coaching staff look really smart all year. Whenever a guy goes down with an injury, or when someone is called on out of the bullpen or off of the bench, they come up big. It’s a real easy team to manage.”

“(The last pinch hit) was a no brainer. Game on the line, bases loaded, the difference between Olszanski and Bischofberger is significant.”

Sean Bischofberger
“I would not have had the opportunity to make that hit if it had not been for the rest of my teammates. Anyone else in that situation could have stepped up and hit a single. That is all that was needed. Coming up and pinch hitting, down one, is what everybody dreams of.”

Spencer Oborn
“(Michigan was) a really good ball club. They battled, they put the ball in play, they played a great game. I was impressed.

Kirk Saarloos
“I was down (after home run in the ninth). But of course, you are always down after you give up a home run. It showed up a little bit in the next batter. I was just thinking that it has to stop here. It has been like that all year. It does not matter how many we are down, we always have a chance.”

Michigan head coach Geoff Zahn
“I tell you, it was a great ballgame, a tight ballgame. We played extremely hard and we had the opportunity to win the ballgame.”

“I thought Bryce (Ralston) pitched extremely well. He’s pitched well for us all year, 8-1 coming into this game. He pitched well enough to win the ball game. I thought he did an outstanding game.”

Third Baseman Mike Cervenak
“we gave ourselves an opportunity to win. Cal State Fullerton’s a great team. They hit the ball well, but it’s just a tough loss for us. We’ve got to rebound and go at it as hard tomorrow.”

Second Baseman Bobby Scales
“I don’t think (inexperience and nerves played a role). This is the NCAA regional, but we’ve been playing good teams all year. You look at our schedule, we played USC at their place, UCLA, Pepperdine-three games at their place, Ohio State, Minnesota. These all are tournament-level teams, so we’ve played under pressure. to be honest with you, more pressure than there was today.”