Ryan Harris.

Ryan Harris Conference Call Transcript

April 28, 2007

(On his contact with the Broncos before the draft): “Actually, I didn’t have a personal workout or anything like that, but Denver is one of the teams that I felt good about and thought I fit in with. I was hoping that they would pick me up feeling the same way about me.”

(On being in a good situation with the Broncos): “Absolutely. I think it became more important as the picks went on that I wanted to be somewhere where I could be happy and where I would fit in, and I think that I got that in Denver. I couldn’t be happier to be a Bronco.”

(On where he will play for the Broncos): “I have played left tackle for three years and it is my favorite position, but I am ready, willing and able to play anywhere else. I played right tackle in my freshman year and I played both tackles in high school. It is my goal to play and to contribute to this team and it doesn’t matter where that is on the offensive line.”

(On his draft day): “I missed the first 26 picks. I was watching a movie (Godfather II). From then on, I was tuned in. It has been a long afternoon but it has ended well.”

(On Notre Dame QB Brady Quinn): “I had gotten text messages about it, so I glanced at it. I know the first round went long and I just wanted to relax a little bit before everything got crazy.”

(On the Godfather II movie): “That is one of my favorite movies, and it is a long movie too so it distracted me for a while.”

(On his interest in politics): “I would love to be in politics in whatever community that is my home. It is a great way to affect a lot of people, but I think that winning a Super Bowl is also a great way to affect people in the community and that will be part of my goal in contributing and helping this team.”

(More on his interest in politics): “I grew up in Minnesota and we had Jesse “The Body” Ventura (former Minnesota governor). Politics is always something that is focused on in Minnesota. I think it is a product of where I grew up. I have seen the good that it can do for people through internships.”

(On being Muslim): “That is correct. Most people just don’t know Muslims. The Taliban and the extremist stuff is not what I practice. It is a religion where I can understand others and respect others. I can celebrate differences. It is so sad to see the hostilities that come with it. Everyone that knows me has been very understanding, and I have been able to educate those around me.”