Sept. 10, 2009

Q. Favorite memory as a player at Notre Dame?
The first time I got my game uniform and made the travel roster – a trip to Valpo.

Q. How did you guys travel and what were the meals like on the road and home games?
It was a pretty big deal when we got to eat at the Holiday Inn buffet.

Q. How different is the baseball field and stadium compared to when you played?
The field used to sit where Jordan Hall of Science now sits. There were only bleachers, no grandstand type setup like there is now. The field was almost the exact dimensions that it is now.

Q. Best player in your four years?
Bob Strata ’76. He was a pitcher and now is a practicing neurosurgeon.

Q. What is your best non-athletic memory?
Without a doubt, making the dean’s list as a freshman. It was a sign that made me feel like I made it. School is much better and much tougher now. Back then, it was all guys. So, there was not the pretty girls to distract you, but they also weren’t there to help you with homework.

Q. What sets Notre Dame apart from other schools across the country?
It’s that intangible that simply is Notre Dame.

— ND —