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Rowing Wins Two Races To Open Spring Season

March 12, 2003

Clemson, S.C. – After only being on the water since Saturday, the Notre Dame women’s rowing team had a strong outing winning two races against Clemson and North Carolina at the spring rowing opener in Clemson, S.C. The Irish won the second varsity eight and the second varsity four, while narrowly falling in the varsity eight and the varsity four on a day when race conditions were tough with a quick tailwind and choppy water.

The second varsity four of coxswain Rebecca Campbell, Kristen Mizzi, Sarah Keefer, Antionette Duck and Megan Sanders posted the most impressive victory on the day winning its race by almost 20 seconds. Notre Dame was first in 7:38.80, while Clemson’s A boat was second in 7:58.20.

The Irish second varsity eight crew of coxswain Kathryn Long, stroke Shannon Mohan, Kerri Murphy, Erica Drennen, Devon Hegeman, Christy Donnelly, Meredith Thornburgh, Kathleen Welsh and Melissa Felker also took first in a time of 6:41.20. Clemson was second in 6:44.60.

Perhaps the most exciting race of the day was the varsity eight as Clemson narrowly defeated the Irish crew of coxswain Cassie Markstahler, stroke Natalie Ladine, Ashlee Warren, Rachel Polinski, Casey Buckstaff, Meghan Boyle, Alice Bartek, Danielle Protasewich and Katie Chenoweth by only two seconds. Clemson was first in 6:34.10, followed by Notre Dame at 6:36.10 and North Carolina at 7:01.70.

The Irish also lost a close race in the varsity four as Clemson was first in 7:32.00. Notre Dame’s boat of coxswain Kacy McCaffrey, Katie McCalden, Jacqueline Hazen, Katie O’Hara and Andrea Amoni crossed the finish line in 7:34.90, while North Carolina was third in 7:51.90.

The Irish placed third in the first and second novice eight races. The first novice team of coxswain Shannan Lettieri, Sarah French, Morgan Ertel, Danielle Stealy, Jenna Redgate, Megan Sheehan, Andrea Doud, Julie Lewis and Pamela Jefson finished in 7:24.60. Clemson was first in 7:03.00, while UNC was second in 7:15.10. The second novice eight crew of coxswain Alison Kelly, Nikki Karis, Meghan O’Neil, Fallon Shields, Karen Carlaccini, Marcia Luttio, Catherine Schmidt, Rachel Kemp and Rebecca Spohrer finished in 7:51.30. Clemson was first in 7:18.00, while Notre Carolina was second in 7:25.70.

Notre Dame continues its spring training trip in Knoxville, Tenn., Thursday and Friday of this week before taking on Tennessee Saturday at 10:00 a.m. CST on Lake Lanier.

Varsity Eight
1. Clemson 6:34.10
2. Notre Dame (Markstahler (cox), Ladine (stroke), Warren, Polinski, Buckstaff, Boyle, Bartek, Protasewich and Chenoweth) 6:36.10
3. North Carolina 7:01.70

Second Varsity Eight
1. Notre Dame (Long (cox), Mohan (stroke), Murphy, Drennen, Hegemon, Donnelly, Thornburgh, Welsh, Felker) 6:41.20

2. Clemson 6:44.60

Novice Eight
1. Clemson 7:03.00
2. North Carolina, 7:15.10
3. Notre Dame 7:24.60 (Lettieri (cox), French (stroke), Ertel, Stealey, Redgate, Sheehan, Doud, Lewis, Jefson)

Second Novice Eight 1. Clemson 7:18.00
2. North Carolina 7:25.70
3. Notre Dame 7:51.30 (Kelly (cox), Karis, O’Neil, Shields, Carlaccini, Luttio, Schmidt, Kemp, Spohrer)

Varsity Four
1. Clemson 7:32.00
2. Notre Dame 7:34.90 (McCaffrey (cox), McCalden, Hazen, O’Hara, Amoni)
3. North Carolina 7:51.90

Second Varsity Four
1. Notre Dame 7:38.80 (Campbell (cox), Mizzi, Keefer, Duck, Sanders)
2. Clemson “A” 7:58.20
3. Clemson “B” 8:22.50