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Rowing Wins Three Races At BIG EAST Rowing Challenge

April 27, 2003

Worcester, Mass. – The Notre Dame rowing team, ranked 24th in the nation, won three races to finish second in the team competition at the 2003 BIG EAST Rowing Challenge in Worcester, Mass. The Irish finished the team race with 110 points, compared to 112 for Syracuse, who won its third consecutive team championship.

The Irish experienced their best day ever at the BIG EAST regatta winning the second varsity eight, the varsity four and the second varsity four, while also taking the silver medal in the varsity eight. Previous to this year’s regatta, Notre Dame had only won one race (the 2002 varsity four) at the BIG EAST meet.

The second varsity eight crew of coxswain Kathryn Long, stroke Shannon Mohan, Kerri Murphy, Kathleen Welsh, Meredith Thornburgh, Kati Sedun, Devon Hegeman, Erica Drennen and Melissa Felker stroked an excellent race in winning in a time of 6:44.40. The Irish outdistanced runner-up Syracuse by over eight seconds as the Orangewomen crossed the line in 6:52.45. Boston College was third in 6:55.56.

“The second eight rowed a tremendous race today,” head coach Martin Stone said. “They steadily pulled away from Syracuse during the entire race and to win by eight seconds is a big accomplishment.”

The varsity four crews, under the direction of assistant coach Joe Schlosberg, continued their excellent seasons as both the first and second fours won gold today. The first four of coxswain Kacy McCaffrey, stroke Katie McCalden, Christy Donnelly, Katie O’Hara and Andrea Amoni was first by over 11 seconds finishing in 7:39.10. Boston College was second in 7:50.50 and Syracuse was third in 7:55.00.

The second varsity four of coxswain Maureen Gibbons, stroke Kristen Mizzi, Sarah Keefer, Kristen Henkel and Jacqueline Hazen won its race by over 32 seconds. Notre Dame finished with a time of 7:38.63, compared to 8:10.20 for Boston College. Syracuse was third in 8:20.51.

“Coach Schlosberg has done a great job with this group all season,” Stone said. “He has worked so hard in finding the right combinations and making the fours so successful. It is a great tribute to him, as well as the team because they have made tremendous strides this season.”

The varsity eight of Cassie Markstahler (cox), Natalie Ladine (stroke), Ashlee Warren, Casey Buckstaff, Rachel Polinski, Alice Bartek, Meghan Boyle, Katie Chenoweth and Danielle Protasewich finished second to Syracuse today. The Orangewomen, ranked 16th in the nation, took home the gold in 6:26.45 compared to 6:32.54 for the Irish. Rutgers was third in 6:34.93, while West Virginia, ranked 24th in the nation, was fourth in 6:37.71.

“The varsity eight race was a battle with Rutgers, West Virginia and Boston College. Each team would get and edge and another would come right back. It was a good race for us today.”

In other results, the novice eight crew of Shannan Lettieri (cox), Pamela Jefson (stroke), Julie Lewis, Morgan Ertel, Danielle Stealy, Jenna Redgate, Sarah French, Andrea Doud and Catherine Schmidt struggled winning the petite final, but placing seventh overall in 7:09.26. Syracuse was first in 6:57.06.

The second novice eight team of Nicole Barczak (cox), Megan Sheehan (stroke), Meghan O’Neil, Nikki Karis, Fallon Shields, Laura Joyce, Marcia Luttio, Katie Hanafin and Rachel Kemp won the bronze medal with a third-place finish. Georgetown was first in 7:08.12, followed by West Virginia (7:20.41) and Notre Dame (7:24.92).

Syracuse won the novice four outdistancing Georgetown by over 37 seconds.

“Overall, it was really good racing for us today. It was exactly what we needed at this point of the year,” Stone says.

2003 BIG EAST Rowing Challenge

Team Standings
1. Syracuse 112
2. Notre Dame 110
3. Rutgers 89
4. Boston College 77
5. Georgetown 69
6. Miami 64
7. West Virginia 52
8. Villanova 47
9. Connecticut 41

Varsity Eight
1. Syracuse 6:26.45
2. Notre Dame 6:32.54
3. Rutgers 6:34.93
4. West Virginia 6:37.71
5. Boston College 6:38.65
6. Miami 6:45.24

Petite Finals
1. Georgetown 7:08.21
2. Villanova 7:09.44
3. Connecticut 7:29.19

Second Varsity Eight
1. Notre Dame 6:44.40
2. Syracuse 6:52.45
3. Boston College 6:55.56
4. Miami 7:01.18
5. Rutgers 7:07.31
6. Villanova 7:07.41

Petite Finals
1. Georgetown 7:05.63
2. West Virginia 7:06.92
3. Connecticut 7:11.46

Varsity Four
1. Notre Dame 7:39.10

2. Boston College 7:50.50
3. Syracuse 7:55.0
4. Rutgers 7:59.10
5. Georgetown 8:06.20
6. Villanova 8:15.70

Second Varsity Four
1. Notre Dame 7:38.63

2. Boston College 8:10.20
3. Syracuse 8:20.51
4. Georgetown 8:31.38

Novice Eight
1. Syracuse 6:57.06
2. Rutgers 7:04.90
3. Miami 7:08.19
4. Connecticut 7:11.11
5. Georgetown 7:14.47
6. Villanova 7:16.00

Petite Final
1. Notre Dame 7:09.26

2. West Virginia 7:16.80
3. Boston College 7:18.73

Second Novice Eight
1. Georgetown 7:08.12
2. West Virginia 7:20.41
3. Notre Dame 7:24.92
4. Rutgers 7:28.36
5. Miami 7:47.19
6. Connecticut 7:50.70

Novice Four
1. Syracuse 7:53.37
2. Georgetown 8:30.92
3. Miami 9:02.59
4. Boston College 9:20.08