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Rowing Shows Toughness At Princeton

March 31, 2018

The University of Notre Dame rowing team traveled to Lake Carnegie in Princeton, New Jersey, on Saturday, March 31, 2018, to take on No. 4 Princeton and Columbia in the team’s second competitive weekend of the season.

While the Princeton boats swept the four race results of the morning session, the Irish were able to come away with another step forward in the team’s development as they push toward the Atlantic Coast Conference championship regatta and the NCAA championship.

“I thought the Fours and the 2V (second varsity eight) raced well and executed today,” Notre Dame head coach Martin Stone said after the competition.

“There is room for improvement across the board, but we showed tenacity and grit.”

“The 1V (first varsity eight) was fierce in their race but didn’t find a rhythm or move the boat well until the final 500. Columbia rowed back into us but the boat responded and showed some strong determination when Columbia challenged them.”

“The is a lot of work to be done but we like our progress over the past two weeks. We are moving in the right direction.”


Varsity Eight

Treasa O’Tighnearnaigh, Emily Stinebaugh, Julia Randall, Laura Migliore, Kelly Fischer, Chris Schindele-Murayama, Lauren Saunee, Jennifer Groth, Reilly Kearney (c)

  1. Princeton 6:57.1
  2. Notre Dame 7:15.9
  3. Columbia 7:21.4

Second Varsity Eight

Stephanie Dubois, Mara Bhalla, Ashley Young, Lauren Matchett, Meredith Swartz, Evelyn McManus, Elizabeth Gilbert, Lauren McKee, Laura Schoonmaker (c)

  1. Princeton 6:57.4
  2. Notre Dame 7:05.9
  3. Columbia 7:15.4

Varsity Four

Erin Dolan, Katharine Johnson, Caroline Hills, Jeanne Farnan, Colleen Visnic (c)

1. Princeton 7:56.5

2. Notre Dame 8:00.1

3. Columbia 8:05.3

Second Varsity Four

Audrey Regan, Katie Wiedenhoft, Gen Johanni, Allegra Sodi, Cailey Brogan (c)

  1. Princeton V4B 7:48.6
  2. Notre Dame 7:54.0
  3. Princeton V4C 8:57.8


Notre Dame will train for the next two weeks, then head to the west coast for the Lake Natoma Invitational in Sacramento, California, on April 14 and 15.