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Rowing Finishes Off A Strong First Weekend

March 18, 2018

The University of Notre Dame rowing team completed its first weekend of competition in 2018 with three victories in six races on day two of the Cardinal Invite in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, on Sunday, March 18, 2018.

The morning started with a competitive Varsity Eight race featuring three ACC teams. The Irish finised just four seconds behind Minnesota, two seconds behind Louisville and ahead of Miami.

The Third Varsity Eight earned the first win of the day for Notre Dame, edging Minnesota by less than a second in the third race of the morning. The Second Varsity Four and Third Varsity Four then capped the day with wins in the fifth and sixth races of the morning.

The strong finish to the weekend sets the Irish up for their next competition, taking on Princeton and Columbia in Princeton, New Jersey, on March 31st.
Varsity Eight
Treasa O’Tighearnaigh, Emily Stinebaugh, Mara Bhalla, Laura Migliore, Kelly Fischer, Christine Schindele-Murayama, Lauren Saunee, Jennifer Groth, Reilly Kearney

1. Minnesota, 6:10.765
2. Louisville, 6:12.933
3. Notre Dame, 6:14.499
4. Miami, 6:15.481

Second Varsity Eight
Stephanie Dubois, Julia Randall, Ashley Young, Lauren Matchett, Gen Johanni, Walter, Elizabeth Gilbert, Emily White, Cailey Brogan

1. Minnesota, 6:17.921
2. Louisville, 6:19.613
3. Notre Dame, 6:38.612
4. Miami, 6:54.739

Third Varsity Eight
Carrie Smith, Brenna Halligan, Mariah Parsons, Ellie Daum, Alexandra Lee, Analisa Pines, Bridget Geyer, Mary Grace Phelan, Mary Ryan

1. Notre Dame, 6:33.214
2. Minnesota, 6:33.960
3. Minneosta (Second Novice 8), 6:43.860
4. Miami, 6:53.540

Varsity Four
Erin Dolan, Katharine Johnson, Molly Pierce, Jeanne Farnan, Laura Schoonmaker

1. Louisville, 6:56.368
2. Minnesota, 6:59.088
3. Notre Dame, 7:02.706
4. Miami, 7:08.410

Second Varsity Four
Audrey Regan, Katie Wiedenhoft, Meredith Swartz, Evelyn McManus, Rosemary McGovern

1. Notre Dame, 7:02.212
2. Louisville, 7:06.676
3. Tulsa, 7:10.782
4. Minnesota, 7:11.800
5. Miami, 7:14.126

Third Varsity Four
Lauren McKee, Madeline Coady, Allegra Sodi, Caroline Hills, Colleen Visnic

1. Notre Dame, 7:11.819
2. Tulsa, 7:32.488