April 19, 2006

2006 Blue-Gold Game Rosters in PDF Format
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University of Notre Dame head football coach Charlie Weis announced Wednesday rosters and game rules for the 77th Annual Blue-Gold Football Game to be held this Saturday at Notre Dame Stadium. Kickoff is set for 1:35 p.m. South Bend time.

Honorary coaches Jerome Bettis, Bob Golic, Mike Golic and Raghib Ismail will work Saturday’s game. Bettis (running backs) and Mike Golic (defensive line) will coach on the staff of the Blue Team while Bob Golic (linebackers) and Ismail (wide receivers) will be on the staff of the Gold team.

Game Format

*There will be four 15-minute quarters with a running clock.
*Clock stoppages will only occur due to injuries or time outs called.

*Each team will be allowed 3 timeouts per half (clock will stop at each timeout).

*Halftime will last 20 minutes.

*There will be a ceremonial coin toss at the beginning of Saturday’s game. The game will begin with the Blue offense (first-team offense) taking on the Gold defense (first-team defense).

Other Rules
*Starting quarterback Brady Quinn will be the only player wearing a red jersey during the game. The other quarterbacks will be fully “live” for contact.

Special Offense/Defense Rules

*Each possession will begin from the offense’s own 30-yard line.
*No special goal-line offense will be used.

*Must play a 4-3.
*Only one linebacker is allowed to blitz; no secondary blitzers allowed.

*No kickoffs or kickoff returns will be used.
*Point-after conversion kicks are live ball situations.
*On punts, only five defenders may rush and each punt will be fair caught.

ROSTERS (see PDF above for complete information):


Walker, Darius RB – McKnight, Rhema WR – Herring, Ray DB – Quinn, Brady QB – Ferrine, Leo DB – Gillett, Justin QB – West, George WR – Williams, William David DB – Iams, Wade DB – Bruton, David DB – Lyons, John RB – Richardville, Jake WR – Cardillo, Craig WR – Smith, Scott LB – Washington, Kevin LB – Schwapp, Asaph RB – Patterson, Kristopher WR – Charters, Kyle LB – Borseti, Nick LB – Stephenson Jr., Dwight DL – Kennedy, Neil DL – Samardzija, Jeff WR – Gritzman, Tim TE – Talerico, Mike TE – Carlson, John TE – Hand, Derrell DL – Brown, Justin DL – Kuntz, Pat – DL
(Brockington, Joe LB and McCarthy, Kyle DB are on the roster but will not play)

Coaches: Rick Minter (head coach/linebackers), Jerome Bettis (running backs), Jeff Burrow (defensive backs), Mike Golic (defensive line), Rob Ianello (wide receivers), John Latina (offensive line), Peter Vaas (quarterbacks), Shane Waldron (special teams/tight ends)


Vernaglia, Anthony LB – Bragg, Darrin WR – Zbikowski, Tom DB – Grimes, David WR – Sharpley, Evan QB – Wolke, David QB – Ndukwe, Chindeum DB – Lambert, Terrail DB – Wooden, Ambrose DB – Anastasio, Chase WR – Erickson, Brandon WR – Thomas, Travis RB – Aldridge, James RB – McConnell, Ashley RB – Costanzo, David WR – Possley, Nick WR – Brooks, Kevin TE – Mike Anello DB – Michael Planalp TE – Mitchell Thomas LB – Quinn, Steve LB – Cullen, Casey DL – Landri, Derek DL – Freeman, Marcus TE – Abiamiri, Victor DL – Laws, Trevor DL – Talley, Ronald DL
(Crum Jr., Maurice LB and Richardson, Mike are on the roster but will not play)

Coaches: Mike Haywood (head coach/quarterbacks/running backs), Bob Golic (linebackers), Raghib Ismail (wide receivers), John Latina (offensive line), Bill Lewis (defensive backs), Jappy Oliver (defensive line), Bernie Parmalee (tight ends), Brian Polian (special teams/asst. linebackers)

GREEN JERSEYS (offensive linemen and specialists that will play for both teams)

Price Geoff P – Nava, Pablo K – Gioia, Carl K – Santucci, Dan OL – Stewart, Chris OL – Jansen, J.J. SNP – Tisak, Jeff OL – Chervanick, Dan OL – Harris, Ryan OL – Duncan, Paul OL – Morton, Bob OL – Turkovich, Michael OL – Sullivan, John OL – Mattes, Brian OL – Renkes, Bobby K