June 4, 1999

Please note: The University has been advised not to expect to hear further on this matter from the NCAA until it has issued its infractions report, which is not likely to occur for at least 4-6 weeks.

The following is a statement by Rev. E. William Beauchamp, C.S.C., executive vice president of the University of Notre Dame, concerning the University’s hearing today before the Committee on Infractions of the NCAA:

“Ever since the University became aware, more than a year ago, of Ms. Dunbar and her relationships with Notre Dame football players, we have investigated those relationships fully and made complete reports of our findings to the NCAA. Once the NCAA ruled that Ms. Dunbar was a representative of the University’s athletic interests by virtue of her membership in the former Quarterback Club, we self-reported all the gifts she made that could be considered potential NCAA rules violations.

“Our response today to the Committee on Infractions was as our response to the NCAA has been from the beginning, forthright and complete, and it included the significant steps the University is taking to guard against any recurrence of incidents such as this. Among these, we have disbanded not only the Quarterback Club, but also all fan organizations in all sports; we have developed an expanded life skills program, mandatory for all student-athletes and encompassing almost 40 hours of programming over four years, aimed at the development of good decision-making skills; and, in the performance evaluation procedure for assistant football coaches, we have underscored the emphasis on accountability for players’ development, not only on the field but also academically and personally.

“We set high standards for ourselves in the conduct of intercollegiate athletics, and that makes this a particularly painful experience for us as it is for our alumni and friends. We pledge our most diligent efforts to protect Notre Dame athletics from any future blemish.”