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Rashon Powers-Neal Talks About His Switch To Fullback

April 7, 2003

By Elizabeth Goers

Many people like to contend that change is good. In the case of junior Rashon Powers-Neal the change from playing the position of running back last year to being a fullback for the 2003 season has been very good so far.

“I like it a lot actually,” said Powers-Neal.

“I’m having fun with it, and I’m learning right now, trying to get all of the little technique stuff down.”

The loss of graduating seniors fullbacks Tom Lopienski, Mike McNair and Chris Yura left a void on the Notre Dame football squad that desperately needed to be filled. After a meeting with the coaching staff, it was decided that Powers-Neal should step in as a fullback.

“I sat down with the coaches, and we discussed it. We all felt the best option for me was to switch to fullback,” stated Powers-Neal.

In describing what he plans to do this spring and summer in order to prepare for his new position, Powers-Neal was able to reply simply, “Gain weight and lift a bunch of weights.”

Obviously, the transition to fullback leads to many new challenges for Powers-Neal including learning plays, perfecting his blocking technique and finding various ways to help get his teammates into the end zone during game situations. Powers-Neal, however, seems more than optimistic and ready to give his all in his new endeavor.

“I just want to get in there, work hard, and contribute to the team. I always go in the game wanting to win. Every play I want to be a positive play. I want to go out on the field and give 100-percent effort and play as hard as I can possibly play.”

Powers-Neal’s enthusiasm about his position change spills over to his outlook for the 2003 Irish.

“We are going to go out on the field and play hard together. We are all going to be on the same page. It will be an exciting team to watch next year. We are going to go out there and win some games.”