Dec. 30, 2015

Q. (No microphone.)

Will Fuller: This is probably the best game we would have asked for besides playing in the playoffs. We had a great shot at being in the playoffs, and so did Ohio State. We know they have a bunch of great players. We have a bunch of great players. It’s going to be a great class for the Fiesta Bowl.

Q. What is it like being part of the Fighting Irish?

Will Fuller: I mean, that means a lot to just everybody. It’s a great tradition school. We’re playing for a lot every Saturday. The way people look at us is different than the way they maybe look at other teams.

We always have to represent ourselves in the best manner.

Q. (No microphone.)

Will Fuller: I’m not familiar with the Fighting Artichokes.

We’ll see. We got to get that done. That’s been a hot topic during Media Day, who is faster. We definitely have to get that done after the season.

Q. From a prediction standpoint, four teams playing in the championship series, who do you like?

Will Fuller: Alabama. They’re playing at a different level than everybody else. They’re all crazy freakin’ athletes. They’re coached hard, too.

Q. They’re disciplined, aren’t they?

Will Fuller: Yes.

Q. I saw Clemson sent three of their players back home. I don’t know if they were starters.

Will Fuller: I don’t think any of them were starters. One of the receivers got suspended played.

Q. Talk about being in a matchup like this. Still some fun involved in it?

Will Fuller: Yeah, there’s always fun involved in bowl games, being in a different location for a week, getting to stay out late – well not everybody, but we had the option to stay out late, do some fun things downtown.

Q. When you think back on the season, what do you think about?

Will Fuller: Just the fact that the team came together. We had so many injuries, we could have easily fell apart, made excuses. We really locked in and used our next-man-in philosophy. So that was real important for us with so many guys going down. We could have made a million excuses, but we continued to fight.

Four points away from going to the playoffs, as you know, I think that’s enough to ask for.

Q. When you had to change the quarterback, is that something you had to focus on everything you could?

Will Fuller: Of course. We looked at ourselves as the leaders of the team, had to get the guys up. Once Malik went down, it was tough for our team. But DeShone came in and did real well for us. We helped him through that process the whole way. We all came together and made sure he was comfortable doing his job.

Q. (Question regarding the defense.)

Will Fuller: That helps out. With our running game being so good, it makes the play-action passes easier.

Q. What about Ohio State jumps out at you?

Will Fuller: They have a great front four, one of the best players in the nation with Joey Bosa. The defensive backs are studs. They keep everything in front of them, run their big plays.

It’s a tough task, but we’re up for it.

Q. What was the Showtime shoot like?

Will Fuller: A little strange having the cameras all the time. It shows how our team operates. I think it was pretty cool.