Dec. 28, 2015

Notre Dame Fighting Irish

Chris Brown:

Q: Let’s talk about the vibe. What’s the energy like?

Chris Brown: It’s nice. Obviously coming out here to good weather, it’s a little chilly but we figured it out in practice.

Q: Is it kind of tough, waiting around all week to play or do you guys finish finals and focus on is football, do you prefer it that way?

Chris Brown: Yeah, this is the best time, no school. Being with your teammates and enjoying the event and enjoying all that the Fiesta Bowl is offering us.

Q: What was your reaction when you heard you guys were going to be facing Ohio State?

Chris Brown: It’s just about the best situation we’ve been in. Obviously you want to be in the National Championship, but when you’re playing the defending National Champions in the Fiesta Bowl in Arizona it’s about as good as it gets.

Q: You have quite a few Ohio guys on the team, have they been ââ’¬” what have they been saying?

Chris Brown: I mean just like when I was playing Clemson. I guess it’s like a home game for those guys. Obviously, they definitely have a little more incentive to get the win, you know they have Ohio guys on their team, too.