Aug. 7, 2002

Following Wednesday’s afternoon practice, had a chance to catch up with Notre Dame freshman defensive back Jake Carney (Lexington, Ky./Catholic HS) to get his impressions on the first two days of preseason camp. Here’s what he had to say:

How has your experience been here thus far after two days of practice?
“It’s been real exciting. The coaches have thrown a lot at us so far, but they are teaching us to take all of this in stride, and to learn from our mistakes.”

What is the biggest difference you have noticed between high school football and college football?
“It has to be speed and intensity with regard to everything. You put in the coverages a lot faster, and there is much more intensity and complexity involved with everything. The practices here are always going a hundred miles per hour with no breaks, and therefore you always have to be on top of everything such as conditioning and also your mental toughness.”

How has it been meeting all of the guys, and how is everyone getting along?
“I had gotten to know most of these guys through the recruiting process, and just being around the campus before we even reported for camp. As far as the veterans, I spent three weeks with them conditioning, and playing seven-on-seven, and that made me feel much more comfortable coming into camp.”

How do you like living in the dorms, and what are your thoughts on the dining hall food thus far?
“It’s not too bad. It is air-conditioned and comfortable, much more comfortable than any high school football camp I have gone to. As far as the dining hall, it is good food, but you get tired of it eventually. When I was here for three weeks in July, I ate at the dining hall a lot, so the food is beginning to become repetitive.”