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Q & A With Bob Morton

Sept. 5, 2002

by Adam Porcelli

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – Less than 48 hours before No. 23 Notre Dame tangles with Purdue at Notre Dame Stadium, sat down with freshman center Bob Morton (McKinney, Texas/McKinney HS) to get his thoughts as he prepares to make his home debut as a member of the Irish. Here’s what he had to say:

Q.: “How different has it been this week, heading into your first home game, as opposed to last week’s Kickoff Classic vs. Maryland?”

A.: “I don’t want to say that this game is a bigger deal than last week. That was my first game ever and my intensity in practice was the same this week, but there is definitely something special about the game on Saturday. I’m really looking forward to this game.”

Q.: “What are your thoughts and emotions as you get ready to walk through “the tunnel” for your first home game?”

A.: “I’ve been thinking about this all week. I’ve been more jumpy in class, asking everyone if they are going to be at the game or if they will be watching on television. There is something special about playing for Notre Dame. It hits you first when you are playing somewhere like Giants Stadium and there are thousands of fans from all around the nation cheering you on. There is something special, though, about this place and this stadium. Just thinking about all the players and coaches whose feet have touched that field before me; it’s amazing to think how I’m next to run out of that tunnel in front of all of those fans. It is going to be the time of my life and nothing will be able to beat it.”

Q.: “How long have you been anticipating Saturday’s game?”

A.: “Since my visit when I was told about the games. I remember hearing how you have to walk down the stairs and hit the sign, then run out of the tunnel with the band. Everything here is built around ‘the game.’ All year, I have been looking forward to those moments and this weekend is all about taking in the whole experience. I can’t stressed enough how amazing it is going to be.”

Q.: “Have any of the upperclassmen talked to you this week about the game and its personal significance to you and the rest of the freshmen?”

A.: “Not really because I don’t think it has hit everyone yet. This is just another game for them. I think they will start to talk more about it tomorrow during the walk thru and then on Saturday as we wait in the tunnel. It probably won’t hit them that my dreams came true until after the game.”

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