Aug. 14, 2001

Notre Dame head coach Bob Davie believes that the freshmen are starting to feel a little more at home.

“Today, I think everyone felt a little more comfortable,” Davie said. “The freshmen are starting to get an idea of what is expected of them.”

Davie saw a little bit more of the freshman class’ personalities start to emerge not only on the field but off the field as well. The entire class went to Davie’s home for a barbeque on Tuesday night that went off without a hitch.

Root Makes Mark

Freshman Matt Root caught the attention of the Irish coaching staff just a few days in to preseason.

“I am impressed with Matt Root,” Davie said. “We had in our summer camp and loved everything about him but then he had a knee injury. For a guy to come off an injury like he has is impressive. To be competing at the level he is at and his ball skills . . . I am really impressed.”

LeVoir Switches

Freshman Mark LeVoir switched from tight end to offensive tackle.

“Whatever ball, he was going to catch, he was going to catch yesterday,” Davie said. “He knew that the switch was inevitable.”

Varsity Squad Reports

Tuesday is the final day of the freshmen-only two-a-day workouts. The varsity squad reports on Wednesday in time for Media Day as well as Fan Appreciation Day. The entire squad is scheduled to practice together on Thursday.