Nov. 8, 2000

NOTRE DAME, Ind. – The Boston College game this Saturday will rekindle some feelings from last year’s tough loss in South Bend.

Coach Bob Davie reflected on the rivalry following today’s practice.

“When you think of Boston College, you think about a multiple offense,” Davie said. “They have an offense that executes very well.”

With Boston College’s starting quarterback, Tim Hasselbeck, injured and a game day decision, Davie may have to think about whom he will prepare for on Saturday.

“I don’t think from a scheme stand point that they will change much,” Davie pointed out. “Hasselbeck and St. Pierre are so much alike, they both can throw the ball well and are mobile.”

“I don’t think they {Boston College} will change and we haven’t changed our preparation one bit.”


When the final whistle blows this Saturday, some players will be taking extra time on the field before rushing to the locker room. The seniors will play their last football game in Notre Dame stadium.

“There is not another stadium in college football like Notre Dame stadium,” Davie said.

“I told our players tonight that at some point between now and Saturday, walk down in the stadium by yourself with nobody in there, and just think about what a special place it is,” Davie said. “Think about the how fortunate we are to have this opportunity.”

“I think that really relates to the seniors, but it also relates to us coaches as well.”


Davie did not hesitate to give his two cents worth when it came to the current presidential race.

“It is the first time, in 25 years of coaching, that the media could possibly be wrong about something,” Davie said. “Or maybe even get out ahead of themselves and speculate on something that wasn’t totally accurate.”

Where as the American public need only wait until tomorrow for answers, the Notre Dame faithful will have to wait until Saturday to find out what the football team will do.